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It's not even Beyond Thunderdome.

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Courtenay Taylor was never the original voice actress anyway. Though she did sound sorta similar Sally Cahill Ada's original actress. I was hoping that Capcom was going to Paul Mercier the voice of Leon from RE4, Alyson Court as Clair and Sally Cahill as Ada from RE2 and RE4 but now I'm just hoping it doesn't suck.

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That's because the voice actress from the first Arkham was the Original Harley Quinn's voice.

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I can only hope Resident Evil 4 will have closer to 71 trophies than the 12 it had on the HD re-release.

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@Waluigi- Aside from the bolt action rifles there where semi auto pistols like the M1911, C96, Luger P08. They had the trench gun(1897 winchester shotgun), the B.A.R and other weapons too. So its not just rifles with bayonets and the occasional revolver.

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Just what Gran Turismo needs another Nissan, although it's technically a Datsun here in the States and I used to own a 240z a number of years ago and really enjoyed the crap out of that car.

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I'm pretty sure he means Delta City, at least that's what I think he means. OCP wanted to rid Detroit of crime and corruption among other things. And in the trailer Detroit kinda looks to be futuristic city that OCP planed for in the original Robocop.

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What happened with bloodborne? The only thing I remember was Adam Sessler making a real big deal about one of GoW: Accession trophy names and I found that to be extremely stupid to get up set over.

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Come on man, Thunderdome wasn't all that bad. I love all 3 Mad Max movies and I like the new one. The only dumb part about Thunderdome is when the kids come into the picture. Thunderdome is a watchable movie, its not the greatest Mad Max movie sure, but it still has its moments.

P.S. I'll be seeing you on the road skag, just like I saw the Night Rider!

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My launch PS2 still works like its brand new. The only thing I've had to replace was the controller, after so many 1000's of hours it finally gave out. Some of my best gaming memory's where on the PS2.

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What racism? Are you talking about Chris Redfield being white and killing infected Africans that are homicidal and trying to kill him?

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I'll probably never buy another Dice developed game at launch again. As for Hardline I'll make my decision after the next beta. I had fun with the first beta and never really had many problems with it.

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Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition for the Genesis were really good and Jurassic Park for the game boy was fun too.

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That's quite funny because I did something similar, but instead of Umbrella I put down Cyberdyne Systems as Cybernetics Scientist and Director of Special Projects. Umbrella was my second choice but there was too many health hazards to worry about.

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.Super Mario Bros. 3-II. because 3 was awesome or a true sequel to Super Mario World with over 90 levels.
.A 2d Metriod for the 3ds
.Wario Land could be something cool for the 3ds
Thats all I can think of for the time being.

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I think the rain can add to the dark and decaying city of Gotham. If they could add lightning and thunder every once in a while to go along with the rain it could make a for a dark/gloaming atmosphere that fits with Gotham perfectly.

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Apparently the PlayStation story in the U.S. is not available in "country/region". Anybody else having the same problem?

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Same thing kept happening to me. 3 times I had to restart the campaign. About a 1/4 of the way through the Singapore mission it crashed and corrupted my saved data, 3 times in the same spot.

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I will when smash bros. or the new zelda comes out, until then, I will be playing many different games on different systems.

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The game ain't half bad, but the controls for the ps3 are terrible. Why you have to use L2 for batarangs and R2 to shoot thing is beyond me. I keep messing up in combat because of it. I wouldn't complain if I could change up the controls up, but you can't and it sucks!

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