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People are downvoting you while playing SMW remade on Mario Maker 2

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Agree, thats too much skin, how dare they expose a fantasy being without his/her/zey consent.

What if she doesnt like to be exposed? Does anyone ever think about fictional character's feelings?

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Breath of the Wild runs on the Wii U. One would think that the next console should have better performance and capabilities than its predecessor tho.

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The Walking dead is a pretty terrible series.

Someone had to say it.

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I love Shadow of Mordor, a lot. But mostly because of the theme ( I love TLotR )

But yes, I agree, thats why the .... why?

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"Y'know five years after you're done with all the of The Witcher, that is."




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I was not informed about the deal still goin on, thought it had ended before MH4 project, but oh well, I hope that the next ones come out on Xbox/PS4 as well.

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Monster Hunter iOS/ Android
yet none to Playstation consoles?!?!!? I have not read the article, but jesus christ,I'm stil lwondering how they left out the PS brand so left out without a MH since several years ago.

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Different does not mean revolutionary ^^^

That, give this man .. disagrees??? What the hell?? Silly people confusing words.
Oh well, @InTheLab is completely right about it.

Because the game may be different, doesn't mean that it will be the next new bomb, just deal with it people.

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Same here, It has pretty much an incredible cast all around, Zack is best protagonist, fuck Cloud

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Whatever they announce exclusively for this ¨new¨ handheld, will be a kick in the nuts to all 3ds owners.

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Comment totally unnecessary, Reported as spam

@On topic

Sony let it be Dragoon 2 !

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Gust of Wind Dance! *in Albert's voice*

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Well then that's your taste, which is totally okay, but overall, they did. Some are wow! and others are meh.

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Since Twilight Princess.

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Maybe Iwata's *People dont need AC to be included in the new 3ds, they should already have one* policy, makes him hate the company overall.

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Doing a Remake MULTIPLATFORM, from a Remake EXCLUSIVE ONLY TO Gamecube.

Yeah, that's why.

Gamecube exclusive stands stil lrpetty good, the graphics and everything is just amazing, but then again, it was exclusive, and lets be honest here, not too many people bought the Gamecube and missed it.

This, is a great oportunity to play it (and in a better way) on your console of choice.

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Surprise ending in videogames?
I clicked the site just out of curiosity.
There is no Shadow of the Colossus or MGS4 on the list, sorry but from those 2, nobody expected the ending. AT ALL
( EVEN less from the first one mentioned )

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Aeris death pleases me in a way i cannot describe /flameshield on

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Dude just stop replying, if he can't understand what is a DEVELOPER and a PUBLISHER, you are wasting your time here mate.

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