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She has said that "people who menstruate" is a silly term and that a male rapist who suddenly decides he is a woman shouldn't be out in a women's prison. Thus the fake outrage and attempted defenestration.

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"Another nice thing to see from an industry that has historically had many shortcomings when it comes to protecting the people who work within it, is the reaction of quite a few video game companies to the abortion rights debacle in United States. While many indie developers and smaller studios quickly voiced their concern and support for human rights, the first big studio to do so was Bungie, which among other things has promised to cover the costs of anyone who needs to travel to anoth...

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What did they do to Ghost Rider? Why did someone decide that special needs helmet was better than a flaming human skull? And why does this game include Iron Man, Captain America, Capt. Marvel, and Spiderman?

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Even Neil Druckmann's mom doesn't get a pleasantly full heart when she sees his douchey, smug, manlet face

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This is a huge problem across all entertainment types. Comics, video games, action films -- if there was a primarily male audience then the powers that be decided it wasn't because males and females like different stuff, and that is perfectly fine, no, because sexism and the dreaded Male Gaze. So then people come in to change that by pandering to an audience that never cared in the first place all the while driving away the original audience. The funniest part about Tomb Raider, for examp...

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I must concur with the prevailing opinion. Honestly, including a fast travel option other than the mostly useless one they gave would have helped a lot. I got tired of retreading the same ground just to get to a mission start

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"Let's not listen to people who might actually be buying our product, instead let's heed the screeching of damaged weirdos who write for garbage sites like Kotaku, or better yet, random Twitter posters with severe mental issues on full display! That's a marketing strategy!"

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The problem I had with the "No Russian" level is how pointless it all was. Sure, you could just walk around not shooting anyone, but your actions had no effect on the outcome. Hanging back and then mowing down your compatriots results in a game over. So at best you lumber around, witness to a massacre of innocent civilians, then a gunfight/chase that ends with your deep cover CIA character getting shot in the face and left to implicate the CIA and start a war. Feels like they could ...

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Let me spell it out for you: I did not bring up my political prejudices at all, I was commenting on the fact that a video game review in Current Year under Vice's banner also did not. I am making that comment because such a thing is exceedingly rare nowadays. I am commenting on such a thing because I wish to see video game reviews go back to the days of reviewing the actual game in question, and not have to read the reviewer's irrelevant political obsessions being dragged into it.

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Huh. Does this reviewer know he's working for Vice? I say this because this review seems ... fair? Having only played through enough to unlock the open world and unlock a few FOBs, I can't say yet if I agree with this review, but oddly enough I didn't have to slog through a poorly written dissertation on Toxic White Masculinity and Why Didn't You Buy Me a Pony Daddy? or why Spartans are Gender Queer, Actually. Just this person's opinion on a video game that sounds like it...

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And Oblivion was simpler than Morrowind.

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So what I think Kotaku is saying is: game companies should stop trying to pander to "games journalists" and Twitter lunatics because these severely mentally unwell people will always find something to bitch about? Huh.

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Trigger Warning: Are you an emotionally fragile infant? Do you pretend to be an emotionally fragile infant just so you can manipulate weak-willed pussies into doing your bidding in a vain effort to fill the aching chasm of need in the black pit of your empty soul? Then maybe go watch Peppa Pig and have a lie down.

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I've been replaying 3 through New Dawn. One aspect I've always disliked about these games are the drugged/tripping sequences. That being said my favorites, which seem to put me in the minority are 5 and New Dawn. Now when I first played 5 the end reallllllly pissed me off. Far Cry devs love sniffing their own farts when it comes to making the endings for these games. However, New Dawn redeemed 5 for me, and I consider the pair one installment

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