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I mean, if Forbes says it's a "bop", just give it GOTY right now.

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No surprise there. The cost of everything has gone up, this isn't spontaneous, this is a predictable result of Econ 101, when the supply of money is printed and increased, demand goes down. When demand goes down, prices go up. Means you need more money to get the same amount. Seems obvious to sane people, but yet, look at our monetary policy.

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You still can't walk into a store and buy one, whereas you often can with Xbox, at least I can. Might explain the sales jump. Even though demand for Xbox is comparatively low, the brick and mortar market is still very strong, the boomers are still with us.

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Lol, that screenshot is both beautiful and terrifying.

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I dunno, maybe at some point, but I doubt any time soon, probably not in this generation even. Sony knows their strengths, they know why people buy playstation.

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Neat, that might be the nudge I need to pull the trigger. Not a fan of subscriptions generally, but this is a tough one to pass on, especially considering all of the hard to find classics available.

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Doubt it. I never got into dark souls that much, but am absolutely loving this game. If it were a "rehash" as you claim, I don't see this being true.

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I know why it's more popular, it's more accessible. If you get stuck on something, you can just go somewhere else rather than dying repeatedly and smashing your head against the wall. Level grinding is more of an option for those who want to get a little OP and reduce the difficulty. Furthermore, the game is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Everything looks like a painting. I never imagined I'd get into an open world game that does the opposite of hold your hand, but there is just...

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Not usually into artsy type games, still never played Journey lol. This one has my attention though. Something about it, just pulls me in.

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Will add an addendum, Forza Horizon is pretty good, very pretty, and lots of fun. Nothing mindblowing, but probably the only series they have that really feels like a first party title these days.

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As a PC gamer that also owns a ps5, I can't think of any I'm looking forward to. In recent years, MS 1st party games have failed to even match, with regard to quality, the better 3rd party games of the time.

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Isn't it already free with Plus?

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I've been away from this site for a while. So, you've finally given up the facade? Being honest now? lol

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Might be fantastic, but I'm not going to go out of my way to support console competition. I like my consoles.

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Don't blame the journos, there are maaaany reasons to blame the journos, but Sony's consistent domination of the console market is not their fault.

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Yeah, kinda sucks being a gamer in current year who doesn't play exclusively FPS games. For a while there, I thought they might dominate the market (considerably more than they already do).

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I don't know anything about this game, but I see what you mean based on the art style. I could also see how someone would arrive on fallout if the lighting and colors were a bit different.

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Never liked that guy, even if he's talking about something I like. His face, chips away at my pacificist nature.

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Don't know why everyone just assumes that Xbox has unlimited access to all of the MS coffers, they don't, and have probably cut back drastically after acquiring the most expensive sinking ship in history.

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If anyone was even somewhat intelligent, the last thing they would be doing is listening to Pachter.

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