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“With the help of her golden companion Cuff”. So they created this hyper detailed world with magic and lore but the best name they could come up with for her sentient bracelet was “Cuff”? Low effort guys 😆

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Press X to doubt

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Correction: free to PAY

Fans respond: there’ll be hell to pay EA!!

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The XSX sales performance increase over the XB1 is pretty impressive considering the chip shortage and pandemic. Then again the XB1 didn’t exactly get off to a roaring start with DRM fiasco and bundled Kinect upping the price.

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As someone who really enjoyed the game, as a fun B-tier actioner with great Star Wars surroundings, I was curious about such a low review. Then I read the phrase you pointed out and also said, “oh, that’s creepy…moving on”.

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An incredible game, flawless in every area. Gameplay is tight, graphics beautiful, writing compelling & actually moving. It could serve as a great template for a TV series or film if I wasn’t positive they’d mess it up.

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The dialog sounds like Pauley Shore wrote it. The whole aesthetic is transported directly from the 90’s and it’s cringe city.

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My kids make me artificially patient (because kids are expensive and time consuming). I use to get new releases but now get pumped for cheap, digital sales on “ultimate” editions of games years later. But the games look and run much better than launch.

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Sony could earn a lot of goodwill by allowing generic cards to be used. The system is out of production, what could it hurt?

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Where is the sequel for this game?! So many believe this is the best lego game yet there has been no follow up. Did LCU not sell well? Are the licensed games more profitable? What gives?

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You’re a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks.

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How about they make them immortal? Will that be enough? Making characters without flaw, adversity or weakness always helps storytelling and writing....right?

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Here’s hoping that also means I will like the protagonist in GTA as much as in RDR. The characters in GTA are such dirtbags compared to Arthur/John (who are trying to redeem themselves and care about others.)

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“compatibly”, “1st pat games”: Are those supposed to be “compatibility” and “first party games”? Doesn’t really come across as an adult. No disrespect, legit question: is English not your first language?

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Really nice article. All those characters are badass!

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I played PS almost exclusively until I got a PS Pro & an Xbox 1X and the X just blows everything else away with real 4K and performance. I had RDR2 on both and the X just looked so much better. I ignored Xbox for most of this generation but I will go where the highest performance is and get the other system for exclusives if I have the extra $.

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Coming Jan 21st to Xbox, at the bottom of the article

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@exaliburps A million times agree!

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Nice to see Ellie from Borderlands getting some other game work 😄

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Imposing your sense of humor as the standard by which all things are judged is arrogant. It is fine to not find Borderlands funny or amusing by why comment at all then? Just to be condescending and superior?

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