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This makes me extremely worried for when Brothers in Arms 4 comes out. I'm going to wait 'til there are reviews out for the game before I decide to get it. Don't want to be a victim of the bait and switch Gearbox did with Aliens.

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Good job not reading the article at all.

Interesting read for sure. Glad he knows he had a problem and is better now.

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Tell us how you really feel about Macs.

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I THINK he meant "noob".

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That was like I was watching a CoD video. He does know he's playing BF3, right?

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The flags are close together because they're playing on the PS3. 12 vs. 12.

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JUST picked this up. I was waiting for this to come to PC.

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That's exactly what i thought. Origin isn't as bad as everyone is saying. Yes, it's inconvenient that you have to have two programs to play your games, but whatever. Since downloading it all the way back in July, I've had zero problems with it.

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I have the G9x and it's the best mouse I've ever used in my life. I highly recommend it.

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@ christheredhead I do agree with what he said - to an extent. BF3 was never going for simulator realism, but a balance between arcade and simulator. All I'm saying is there's a way to say something and not come off so ignorant.

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I like how you say 'can't care less' and yet you comment. LOL OK. Makes perfect sense.

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And I wonder why you have two bubbles when you act that ignorant.

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You see how much they had to downgrade BF3 to put it on consoles, right? That is a perfect example of why we need PCs. If that is your mentality, I'm really glad you don't work at DICE.

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@ xPrOzAK--

I really hope you're kidding about the part for making Battlefield on console. Also, BF3 isn't going to be largely affected by piracy as it's a multiplayer game mostly.

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If it's a reasonable price for a good amount of content, I have no problem with DLC. A lot of publishers have took advantage of DLC this gen, but when it's done right, it's just fine with me.

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You really don't understand the gag that has been running since MW2 came out if you think it was just because of the dinosaur your character is holding.

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@ leogets & Persistantthug

Keep in mind though that MAG didn't have the best graphics, destructible environments or effects going on that BF3 has.

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>"ps3 has no limits"
>PS3 is a console

WAT. I'm a Sony fan, but what you just said couldn't be more wrong.

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I bet you wear a tinfoil hat as well.

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