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Can you prove your claim? No you can't. Check metacritic or opencritic. It's at 89 with almost 90 reviews. Delete your comment or apologize if you have some dignity.

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Every console generation was a completely different architecture. Now ps4 and ps5 have the same architecture so scaling up and down is relatively easy within certain conditions.

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Future facing... Dude
Sony could have left some of these for later but they are not. They are on full throttle. Even if Bend can't make Days Gone 2 we will get a new IP.

Naughty Dog is working on multiple projects of which new IPs. A remake won't require all employees if that is really happening.

I thought people complained about sequels all the time. Sony is taking risks and releasing great games. They have done that almost every year s...

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Naughty Dog are working on new projects. They won't make a remake of the game. It looks good enough. I doubt even if there will be a TLOU1 remake because more and more things from those articles seem exaggerated or out of context.

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Woop woop. I'm at 60% of God of war replay at 60 fps and soon replay ing the last of us

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you could get it new for 70 I think.

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@yeaho: Neil Druckmann confirmed that although there is a story outline written that they are not working on that at the moment. So it seems to be a new IP.

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It's okay, today you buy skins, tomorrow you buy weapons, next week Doom will have 2 currencies and battle passes until the game is ruined with that kind of shit. Just look at the evolution of NBA 2K series or Call of Duty.

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You know they will always test the waters of what can and what can't. Do you product developers came up with Office 365 or the financial people? Same with these skins. Financial consultant gets job on how to decrease cost or increase revenue and they will look at everything that can be monetised and suggest it. Management needs to approve. So in this case it probably is Xbox / Microsoft's influence.

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highest revenue of any gaming company and one of the highest profits, PS accounts for loads of money for all those f2p game like fortnite and warzone, release acclaimed games every year. Yes, PS is here to stay

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your experience and found abilities carry over right. So if you just die then you continue and the world will be a bit different again. I guess I'll get it. One biome every weekend should last until Ratchet and Clank comes out

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PlayStation had the most revenue for any game company in last 12 months. Even more than Tencent. Their profits also reached record high numbers and Sony know it's because they continue the trend of releasing good games.

I rather buy God of War or Ghosts of Tsushima for 70 bucks than receive a year free game pass. Sony knows people pay for quality.

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You can fill up the available RAM for games in about 2 to 3 seconds. That means loading up all assets new from 0 bytes loaded in RAM. We see that in resident evil 8 and spider man miles morales.

Technically that should also be the the max loading time for a well optimized game. It also means that transitions where a lot is already loaded should always be instant as we see with Ratchet.

Better Visual fidelity comes from the fact you can load higher resolut...

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Housemarque isn't first party I think. And sony will not simply pull the plug until there are multiple consecutive issues. Japan studios had multiple games that didn't hit before they restructured and made it Asobi team.

The developer of Motorstorm didn't have much success with the last Motorstorm game and driveclub.

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What if he doesn't want to. You can dictate someone's else their life online :p

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I don't think Xbox has a cmos battery. Meaning that if the console loses power that after a while date and time will be reset. However I do think most if not all pc/laptop motherboards have a CMOS batter.

For Sony, there has been a CMOS battery in their console since Playstation 2. It does sometimes die but I have seen Playstation 2's in use for almost 20 years and that still did not happen. So yeah. Worst case scenario you might need to replace the battery.

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I rather purchase 1 copy of God Of War for 70 bucks then get 1 year free game pass.

I'm sorry but the 4 free months of game pass I received with my Ryzen 3600 were okay at best. Age of empires 2 was amazing fun so I remained subscribed but didn't get through Gears 5 nor any of the other games. The 4 months I remained subscribed I should have just bought age of empires 2 instead.

I get it, it is great value but if you dont really play those game t...

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NPD sales for the last 12 months have been Published and there are 3 Sony games in the top 10. Spider Man Miles Morales alone reaching levels of Assassins creed multiplatform games. The last of us is the 7th best selling game of last 12 months and Ghosts of Tsushima number 8.

This is part of Jim Ryan's legacy.
Additonally they released Demon Souls and in the next 10 weeks we get Returnal and Ratchet and Clank.

In companies it will never be su...

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Does anybody know if you can buy an upgrade for the PS Plus version?
Tried playing it but would rather wait for 60fps.

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Will probably release earlier in 2022 than I expected. Maybe around this time. Would be great to play the backlog of VR games I have on higher resolution and with better controls but especially looking forward to the games like Half Life Alyx

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