Some things are beautiful because they cannot be obtained.


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Not an apologist. I don’t like MT’s either.

I just prefer reasonable thinking over blind hatred.

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Indeed they weren't really intrusive. I said to a less extent because of the way it was done.

Lo and behold:

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Something tells me you weren't really interested to begin with. Call it a hunch.

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Or you could just take a 'wait and see' approach? I'm quite confident that at release it will be proven that all your fears are for naught and that the MT's haven't impacted the game at all.

Just because a game has them, doesn't mean the game has been built around it.

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And also, to a lesser extent though, in the reboot.

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I’ve done my part.

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"They purposely made the game grindy to push gamers to buy the upgrades."

Except you have no proof of this, and since it's innocent until proven guilty, you can sod right off.

You know a site has reached it's lowest point when bloody GAMEFAQS, off all sites, has less whining.

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Your loss.

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I just don't care for it. I'll only raise my voice when it is proven to be intrusive.

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Alright, bring on the pitchforks so we can get this over with now, and so people will stop caring when the game releases.

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No, they don't. They look absolutely fine. If you're gonna criticize the game, at least say something that makes sense.

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Nah, people just hated the song.

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So, how long do you plan to stay around now until you get banned again?

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And MP wasn’t mentioned.

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“Trails of Cold Steel 3”

They really need to hurry up and bring this gem to the west...

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Oh, I always wanted to try Diablo!

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I wish they kept it free...

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Because it’s a joke.

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I mean, people are free to disagree with me if the potential game doesn't appeal to them. Nothing wrong with disagreeing.

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