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This sucks. I wanted pes

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Good to see some honesty even though you’re a pro Xbox site.

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He has like 3 different podcasts. They’re great too.

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Oh look a joke from 7 years ago. Way to stay relevant.

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People complain about this list and not the nes classic when it had games that aren't that much fun to play today like ice climbers and balloon fight.

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People were losing their minds about the pro and their upgrade, no one blinks a eye for Nintendo?

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Think the direct today will give more info

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Should I play this on my
20th anniversary PS4
PS4 pro
Or my 2 500 mil limited edition pros 🤔🤔🤔

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New halo
New gears
New ForzA
Crackdown release date
Ori release date
Sea of thieves expansion
Minecraft stuff

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I may be the odd one but I enjoyed Mario 2 a lot more

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It looks like philly right after they won the super bowl

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Only thing 343 has fought for was the remote from his mom to watch tv

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IGN's Podcast unlocked has been hyping this up for the last 6 months.

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How could you think power rangers was a great game? It was a grainy episode with some qte’s that don’t effect the video.

Night trap was only a little cool because it was edgy in some spots but boring no less. This is coming from someone who just bought the collectors edition for the PS4.

Sonic cd was a gem, had some great music and an awesome intro.

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At my local eb. Everyone was getting the PS4 version

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Got 2 wooo

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This was one of the very few reasons I wanted to turn on my Xbox this year. Pretty disappointed.

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Got my collectors edition

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The white bored self loathing people of the world are telling you what's offensive to your ethnicity.

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Got mine. 2048 is so much faster than the original and the expansion

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