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Ahh man I want to buy this so bad just to hear whole new world and go on a major nostalgia trip

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So glad this heap of $hit failed.

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We already know the series X has 12tf so I'm not wrong am I.

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Less than the Xbox one X? No it's not enough and they will have significantly more than that.

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People want Nintendo games, always have always will. Most popular exclusives in the industry guarantee their future.

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Make dreams in dreams.

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Wow yes!

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The switch is their best console ever and has a killer library of exclusives. Can I have a toke of what you're smoking...

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The Switch is so much better than Wii or Wiiu. It is a masterstroke by Nintendo.

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Yes and if you view the switch as a handheld (which it is) it can co exist alongside next gen consoles regardless of how powerful they are.

The GBA wasnt as powerful as a Gamecube but they both came out at the same time and co existed because they served different purposes.

Next gen consoles are powerful and the Switch is portable and fun.

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I'd be surprised I'd the Switch could run it to an acceptable level. It's a tegra based portable console at the end of the day. Just focus on exclusives and things it can run well.

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Loads of high rated top games released on Switch though. People saying it's all shovelware is massively untrue.

Probably like 100-200 games released last year I'd consider playing.

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Absolutely tons of huge games released on the Switch as well last year.

Right now I'm playing Luigis Mansion 3, Links awakening and Pokemon Sword.

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The Switch had tons of really good.games released last year. Were you guys paying attention to any of it?

Exclusives wise it absolutely pissed all over the ps4 and Xbox in terms of amount of exclusives, ratings of.exclusives and sales.

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And loads and loads of really really good games mr bitter.

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Twilight princess and Windwaker HD double pack plz

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Who else is there? Nintendo is portable gaming.

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Thought you Sony fans were used to paying for DLC in just about every single game on the PS4 by now?

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