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I'm just about maxed out. Just one more ship module to buy, and I'm not even really interested in unlocking it if only for the sake of completing the ship. Yet. I'm level 64, all statagems and weapons unlocked. Majority of all the warbonds unlocked. The game is just too much fun to stop lol. I can count on one hand how many times I've had a bad experience with random players which is incredibly rare in this day and age. The amount of communication that's delivered in...

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Wow. I get some of the critique for Silent Hill 2, but these look great. Exactly who is complaining?

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The PC master race looks down upon you mockingly knowing they are in every way superior gamers to you console simpleton.

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If they get up to a comparable level with Ray Tracing they can definitely make a move that makes Nvidia uncomfortable. They just need one card that can kill the green teams upper midrange to make them sweat a bit.

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Wow. They don't look like their PS2 models...Imagine that. Dang. The fidelity isn't up their with Senuas Saga.

I haven't played it yet, but man. It really sucks.

I'll judge the game once I play it.

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AMD basically just bought 20/30 series card owners a really nice Christmas gift. Insane how well this performs, and latency has been a non issue (for me). Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Alan Wake 2, Starfield, Ghost of Tsushima all feel like they play on new hardware. Only 1 bug i've come across so far was in CP2077, and all it did was create a small ghosting effect on the rear bumper of the car your driving....that's it.

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Oh noooooo! A common business practice! Still buying day one lol.

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Easily the most fair GaaS i've seen so far.

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I just want more content lol. I've no reason to pick up samples, or grind for warbonds, and requisition. Have enough SC from playing to get the next premium warbond. Lets gooo.

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I know this a console thread. I just have to say is that AMD basically just gave Nvidia a giant FU. Being able to mod in frame generation on Nvidia cards is ridiculously easy, and basically just extended the life of many peoples 20 & 30 series cards that won't get native frame gen support from Nvidia for a couple years. The results have been ridiculous in all I've tested. Cyberpunk runs at high settings with full rtx and stays in the 90fps range. Starfield in the 100's in ...

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Finally Koei made a decent port that didn't require mods to run over 1080p. Their track record is....spotty at best when it comes to PC ports.

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Your basically a 100 round armored dual auto cannon. I wasn't expecting this thing to tear apart everything in the game. Regular auto cannon rounds just bounce off a chargers head, everybody should know to aim for the squishy part.

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Such a great game. Recently started another playthrough.

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Guy at the funeral...."who's getting his games?"

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PSN was a different story altogether. It kept people who bought the game from playing in countries that PSN wasn't supported. I never understood the issue anyway.

I don't know if PC stuff is overpriced considering that you can buy a new video card with the same amount of money you'd spend over 5 or 6 years paying to play games online with a console. I'll never pay double to use the same connection. That is what I'll never understand about console ga...

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I've got roughly 140 hours in the game. Level 55, and agree that the game needs some kind additions to spice things back up. A vehicle would be great. Maybe two different kinds. One armed, and another more built for traversal. Give us the 3rd race. Maybe something to spend Requisition slips on. I mean I've been sitting at 50,000k for awhile since I've purchased everything that required it.

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UBISOFT has become one of the most reprehensible developers in all gaming. I typically don't mind using different online launchers / stores. Epic, GOG, and Steam (steam stuff mostly bought through Humble Bundle choice membership for the extra discounts)

The UBI app is just about as bad as Origin or whatever EA app it is now. Terrible app, and terrible business practices. I don't usually care about this stuff, but it's hard to ignore UBISOFT when they are...

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How much did your phone cost compared to a mid range GPU when you bought it? What phone you got? I'm sure if it's comparable to a 2080 it wasn't too cheap.

Plus we were talking PS5 vs PC. Can't lug you're PS5 around anymore than a PC.

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"Let's just hope that such a decision won't result in another round of backlash from some "fans" as we already have plenty of questionable opinions online regarding the game's black character Yasuke."

Did a little digging and there were indeed Black Samurai in Japan. Interestingly enough, only one white Samurai...Tom Cruise. I joke, but it's only recorded to have had one white Samurai.

What I don't like about the ...

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I saw 4060 and immediately thought what you did. I get 60fps at 1440p with an i7-8700 that bottlenecks the hell out of a 3080. I still never drop below 45 fps with most settings on ultra or high. Granted a 3080 is not a bad card by any means currently, but it's not exactly new lol.

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