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Old quote, no longer true.

"In a statement to Kotaku, a Larian representative said..."
"Neil’s comments were from a signing he did closer to the launch of the game, and he was being secretive in order to avoid spoilers. Players have since found the quest and the lines of dialogue he was talking about."


Yeah, I have it but will be sure to grab it again when I'm done rating the latest movies I have. 3586 discs rated.

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Another holdout here. I liked it because if I wanted to see a movie, unless it was exclusive to some streaming service and never got a disc, I'd be able to watch it and it's all in one place. It just wasn't instant. Now if I want to watch something I'll have to dig around to find out which services have it, have a ton of different accounts and figure out where it's cheaper.
Looking forward to that last drop of 10 discs, but I see people are going after certain ...

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Yes, great point. Oddly, there's some structural cowling pieces that not only flip, but will mirror vertically as well so there's 4 different options when you flip, but still only have attach points in the same plane.

Interesting tip, but if you highlight all to move it, doesn't the unattached stuff move as well or does that just cause them to highlight red?

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Yeah, but I already played through twice. Not really feeling up to a third time.

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Wait until you unlock class C ships, but find out there's more ship parts you can't access because they're locked behind a level gate. There's not much info about what unlocks when and where. Just the good stuff doesn't unlock until level 60.

Also, about the planet survey data. I had heard that the book seller in Akila gave the most for the survey data.

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Ship building can be such a pain sometimes. You spend so much time making changes, trying things out, moving things around, to put it all together and be left with that 1 error for unattached modules. Can you point me to it? Of course not.

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Phantom Liberty isn't on last-gen though.

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I kind of hate such drastic changes to the base game, especially how they're handling the clothing/armor stuff removed and being moved over to cyberware. I've heard it a number of times that it's better to start over.

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Who could say? Is there was no S, there'd be more capacity to make the X and some would have bought that instead, but some who could justify/afford $300 might not be OK with $500.

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Sometimes ignoring it and staying quiet is the best thing to do.

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Thank you. Yeah, that headline made no sense.

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What I don't think is mentioned in this article is that they gave BG3 the same rating as Let's Sing ABBA and Just Dance

"While other titles were rated on their “wow factor” — e.g., Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was marked at very high, while Dragon Ball: The Breakers was listed as low — Baldur’s Gate 3 was marked Hub, and last on the list. (It’s unclear whether “Hub” refers to the Xbox Insiders Hub; games like Let’s Sing ABBA and Ubisoft’s Just Dance got the same d...

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Where are you getting your $15 figure from? There's so many variables in how people can pay, it seems there no way to guesstimate a figure to go off of.

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I get the feeling this isn't the first time this has been explained to him in articles about MS revenues, but it never sinks in.

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So they've copied pretty much everything from the PS controller now, finally making the buttons quieter (jesus, they're so damn loud) and made it ugly?

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Embargos are fine. Cherry picking who gets a code early and who gets one later isn't.

Going without an embargo just incentivizes people to push through a review as quickly as possible to get ahead of everyone else.

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Are you saying blacklisting reviewers is the same as cherry picking who gets one early enough to get a review out on time, but still getting them a code?

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That's what I'm questioning. Sony, MS and Nintendo are just hosting the game on their platform. How can someone swoop in and change the terms of the deal with the publisher/developers and start charging who's hosting the game?

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The cut of profit they make from Genshin would easily cover any install fees they're on the hook for. Many other games without that monetization built in, not so much.

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