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Good list but I would switch out Smash with Fantasy Life. I feel like most people (myself include) prefer to play Smash on a console and big screen T.V.

I have a feeling Fantasy Life will be one of those hidden gems on the Nintendo 3DS. More people should look for a copy of Fantasy Life.

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I can't wait for Fatal Frame 5! My number one game I want this year.

I will have to say, this is Nintendo's WORST E3 event ever IMO. They showed really NOTHING for new games. This could of easily been stuff covered in a Nintendo Direct. I guess their is only one new game for me to pick up... Mario Tennis... so yea. If anything, I think Nintendo is saving all of it's big games for the NX (I hope...).

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Looks beautiful! I can't wait for this game to come out.

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Ewww... Virtual reality. I'm sorry, I'm just not buying into it. I can't see how having headsets on and these eye pieces and controllers in our hands is going to revolutionize gaming? Plus everyone knows gamers love to snack. How the hell can you do that if you can't even see where your snacks and drinks are if you have these goggles on. Pause every 2 minutes to take a bite or have a drink? I'm just not ready to buy into that future yet.

Also most US/Japa...

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Congratulations Nintendo! The 3DS is an amazing handheld with a strong library of games. Now you just need to turn the Wii U around and get that on track! Can't wait for E3!

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I feel the same Monkeyman. Amiibo isn't the problem with Splatoon. My problems are "actual" problems. Like no voice chat with friends kind of sucks. I'm fine with no voice chat with strangers but their should at least be voice chat with friends. I agree about the map rotation as well. Playing the same map like 3-5 times in row needs to be fixed with more maps in rotation. Last thing I would like to see fixed is being able to swap gear within a match. When your team spawns an...

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@PixelgateUk: Out of everything I wrote you literally took offense to my last sentence. I never said you hated Splatoon all I was pointing out was you were "looking" for problems. My problem with your article and others like yours is you guys are always trying to attack Amiibo and paint it into the worst light as you possibly can. If Nintendo was to create a Skylanders like game and had the same structure in place as Skylanders you would call Amiibo paywall's. So Nintendo opts t...

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Actually the pieces are junk. I unlocked them and it only has three ability upgrades where's the gear I'm using now has up to four in total. Sure the outfits look cool but they are not that great later on.

Their are also only a few weapon scrolls that you get. One from each Amiibo. Also the weapons only matter if your actually planning on using those particular weapons. The only thing about the weapons that are different is the sub and special not the actual stats the...

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I'm picking this up day 1! I loved he Wii U version. I want the two new characters!!!

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Day 1 buy for me! I see a September release coming! I can't wait!

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Make that 2 copy's!

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I would cry if a new Earthbound tittle was announced at E3. I highly doubt Nintendo will because for some reason Nintendo doesn't think we would want another sequel to this amazing game.

Although, Nintendo did make a sequel to Kid Icarus so I do hold out a glimmer of hope that one day we will see a future installment.

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I'm LOVING Splatoon! I just bought all the weapons in the game and am now working on getting the best gear that I can unlock. The game is so addicting.

I also just picked up The Witcher 3. Can't wait to play it. I just hope most of the bugs are worked out now.

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Maybe PvZ 2 is finally coming to consoles? I really liked PvZ Garden Warfare so an announcement of a second one would make me happy.

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Could be PlayStation All Stars 2???

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Congrats Nintendo! The game is amazing! I can't wait for more content. Just hit level 20 and am now working on the Amiibo challenges for the new gear.

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I don't see how you can't at least like Fallout 3. The Fallout games are some of the most amazing games to come out of last gen. I'm playing through Fallout 3 on the PS3 for the first time (Originally 100% for the Xbox 360).

I think what makes the Fallout games amazing is their is a little something there for everyone. If I was this person. I would pick it up and try it again. I find games to sometimes be like movies. You may not of liked it the first time around...

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I'm playing through it right now. I'm on day 13 going onto 14. It's tough but a lot of fun.

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Good Job Nintendo on launching your new IP. The game is a ton of fun and really addicting.

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Nintendo... This is BS! You better not be doing this for any other future games or I will not be purchasing those tittles. Nothing else better not be locked on the disk as well.

The only silver lining is we're not being charged for content already on the disk. If we were this would be a whole other problem.

As for the content. I like the weapon unlock but I find myself still rocking the Aerospray RG. The Map I'm not a huge fan of. I find it more sui...

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