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love da game

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dont trust that mag they are always biased against sony.

I kid i kid

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of course a sony fanboy has to make his little list of games to make himself feel good in an xbox on article

fyi street fighter is not exclusive

i prefer the xbox list but of course its just an opinion and not a statement of fact. so relax sony fan i domt dont need another list

and dont talk about delays ... the last guradian had been coming for god know how many years

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xbox ownership since da begining!!!!!
plus many other consoles of course

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it was very cool but too short

its all about endurance mode for me now

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me too.

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crackdown 3 :)

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wow I bet my left ear

that if xbox was ahead the first comment in the thread would have bee buuuuut its Vcharts and US is not the world.


double standards I guess.

on point: great numbers for both consoles the gaming industry is healthier than eva. Good things!!!!

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so i cannot be disappointed by the look of the game, its art ditrection the gameplaydemo i played etc.


fyi not saying i am but gees how can u argue that one is not allowed to be disappointed unless they play the damn thing.

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so wait, people here can be excited about the game but this guy cannot be disappointed?


on point: after their last final fantasy games i am worried. although I hope for the best, and i admit the game looks interesting.

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That is true bro, but I use my phone, tv and home theater daily. They are integral in my life and gaming Not so sure about this technology. although I hope for the best.

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wow that is a very expensive. wonder what the attached rate sweet spot is gonna be for developers to get on board.

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I hope for the bets but to be honest i dont see myself playing with that thing attached to my head for too long.

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another playstation 4 list of games what are the odds?

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cry me a river son. So much salt in your post.

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dodble post

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"xbone" grow up child

love how the "unbiased" mods allow this all the time. Say something negative about their precious playstation 4 and suddenly they come to the rescue. love the site.

on point:

awesome list of games although some are just console exclusives.

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sure maybe for sony fanboys


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thx !!!

Ill get to work.

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Hard to argue with that.

However, as a console only player (at least during the past two generations) I grew to like to just buy into the console online ecosystems. Yes, i still prefer baby-food jeje

anyways, on point, I played the preview but I am a bit lost as to what to do. I guess I have to invest a few more hours to see if it hooks me.

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