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Iron Banner... House of Winter... House of Wolf... Fucking queen of space...

The writer reaaaaaaally watched too much Game of Thrones.

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Emptying your wallet with microtransactions, the way of the next-gen gaming!

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Think MGS4 and MGO. Two separate components yet same disc.

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The Industry needs to stop interviewing this guy.

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May be the most troubling Ad campaign but if they keep censoring beheading in the game itself, who cares? It's not even violent anymore.

Resident Evil 5, in terms of violence, was a massage with oil and a happy ending compared to Resident Evil 4.

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C4 useless? Nah, it requires FINESSE. In MGS4 blowing vehicles up with C4 is the equivalent of backstabbing a guy, except with a boom.

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Lots of talks about Bloodhaven (Blüdhaven, don't know if I type it well) too.

Whatever, I just want to deliver some bat-pain!

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As a hardcore walking Metal Gear Solid bible fanboy, I gotta agree with LightofDarkness: it's not good all the way. Metal Gear Solid 4 is especially good for looooong empty cutscenes but at least, even if not all the answers were satisfactory (Vamp and Naomi as a prime example), Kojima Studios still managed to wrap the series up.

Still prefer a heatlhy dose of the "expository dialogues" over a "The Island was in your heart all along" ending à la L...

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Great job! I don't understand why the competitive fighting games scene does not gather more attention than that. Some people scream in front of their TVs while watching football, I scream, cheer and spill beer watching SF tournaments.

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That, and feces.

To think Bobby Kotick cares about if you like a game or not is like thinking that the McDonalds CEO cares about your health: as soon as the scanner beeps at the counter, that means you like it to them.

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This thing needs more publicity. It needs hype. It has so much potential.

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Wrong example, in that specific case the customer deserves the loss of his money and the utter lack of product satisfaction(and then some).

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Now Roger Ebert can shut the hell up, nice!

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Gonna need more than just saying it's crap. I was skeptical at first and I did not give a damn about the Batman until I played this game.

To me, this game is a great mix between Metal Gear Solid and God of War. I just can't understand why you say that the stealth is crap.

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I think they just want to go through all that surplus plastic left over from the GH franchise.

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They'll probably release it on Vita... that would suck massive balls.

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Gettin' it.

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Yeah, you used your only bubble.

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No MGS gave me the same chills as the first one but 3 is definitely the one I played the most.

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