CRank: 5Score: 2020 guys are a bunch of idiots. Try and return a console to any store where the serial doesnt match the receipt. You guys like to act like gamestop is the only place like this.

Believe it or not people try and scam retailers into getting free crap.

SEE: guy returns xbox with phone book inside
SEE: people returning their friends broken xbox's under their warranty so they can get a new one.


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you guys are all stupid fanboys. Stop arguing. Buy it for the system that YOU want to play it on. You arent going to convince anyone else to buy it on a different system.

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lol 4 years?

It took him 4 years to copy the same level and missions 9 times? Wow get a new job.

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no, stop whining. If you cant pay 50 dollars a year, than go play the PS3 online and see why you pay money to play online.

Xbox live is the best console online service out there, so Stop being poor

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there is nothing funny or wrong about this

At my work we put in a dvd with game trailers in the ps3 all the time. They havent updated the ps3 kiosks in sometime, so half the ps3 games dont even play on it. So we put in whatever dvd we want

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gamestop gets them the 18th or 19th, thats 100% fact.

believe me, pictures will be everywhere

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saying somebody sounds white is ignorant. There is no way to tell if someone is black or white.

White kids want to be black
And black people hate being black.

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it was probably a gay porn dvd, and he was ashamed to name it

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well to bad nobody reads Play magazine. There is a reason nobody sells it anymore.

And this game looks like garbage, horrible framerate and jaggies.

And the dragon going to have 2 moves i bet. Flameball and flame thrower type thing, running around killing looks like a blast...

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"since there are no games to buy, spend your money on accessories"!

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those are generic release dates, Just to show they exist

i dont see why everyone takes those so seriously

At gamestop we use them just to get pre orders and give us a somewhat close time period to a release

that game wont be out this year and everyone with a brain knows it

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these are some of the best looking graphics ever

the players look so real, they move real and everything

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lol sony fanboys just got dissed

@ calderra
yeah they could sell 5 million consoles with no games because they are all on Ebay because true gamers dont even want the crap system with their year old launch games.

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to bad every single person camping out at bestbuy just wants to ebay one anyway, they dont want a next gen system..they just want money

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there is unranked friend matches ^^


Exactly..use the halo 2 lobby system where it takes your 4 friends and randomly pairs it against 4 other couldnt cheat that way..

ANd so what if someone cheats and gets achievement points? they dont do anything..they are pointless numbers

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anyone know why they took these down in the first place? my buddy was trying to show me these and he couldnt find them on gametrailers

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believe i sent this in 2 weeks ago, nobody wants to listen to me :(

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hehe yeah i took a ps3/wii and a Zune poster

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i work at ebgames and thats just a promotional poster, the other side probably has box art display boxes, at least thats how we are setting it up.

we have 2 of those posters at my store, i actually took one and have it at home :)

heres a picture of one i took home and is now on my wall

and heres a wii one

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