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Why do you have to always be so rude to people when u reply? Why must u call him captain obvious? For a supposed religious person, u don't seem to be at peace. You don't just do this sometimes, but you do it a lot. I doubt your conversion was genuine. I know goths that aren't nearly as combative as you get when on n4g.

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Lol that picture looks like a bad sexual harassment commercial.

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You could have put a big "SPOILERS" warning at the top y'know -_-

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Gee, and I was so close to clicking agree, until you did that part at the end of your statement where you tried to do that little Nintendo plug-in. Oh well. Anyway, Nintendo is only the publisher of Etrian Odyssey in Europe. They don't own it. Atlus retains that IP.

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And Wii U.

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Whether Nintendo wanted to touch it or not, doesn't change the fact that the demographic is not [likely] to be right for the console.

Even on PS3 and 360 it didn't sell enough on either console for SEGA to want to invest again. So how is it going to do well on a console with small sales, an even smaller (or possibly even non-existent Bayonetta fanbase on the Wii U platform considering it's never been on a Nintendo platform before) and Nintendo fans don't usua...

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Why do u associate that lone disagree with Sony? U just showed your true paranoid fanboy colors by making that foolish comment.

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I think they would be the best first party company to buy it too. The best 3rd party imo would be Namco (maybe).

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no, better for it to be independent than under nintendo's publishing. I just shutter at the thought.

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@Firan and Brucis (alt accounts of each other I presume since you both always answer at near identical times):

Keep nitpicking all you want, but there are still more developed games in that list I provided, than there developed one's in the one you provided.

@Brucis (below): If the shoe fits, right? Of course, you'd deny it though. :)

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According to GameFaqs:

Atlus games of 2013:

PlayStation 3 God Mode 04/23/13 North America

PlayStation 3 R.I.P.D. The Game 07/16/13 North America

PlayStation Vita Dragon's Crown 08/06/13 North America

PlayStation 3 Dragon's Crown 08/06/13 North America

PlayStation 3 Zeno Clash II TBA 2013 North America


PlayStation ...

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I like how you try to say that all those PS SMT games are "finished". The one's u mentioned for nintendo were back in the SNES days. The PS2 is where a large amount were. But you dismiss them as finished? Troll harder lol.

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Ongoing titles they have on Nintendo? Atlus drops a new PSP game almost every month. It's just that people in America don't notice because we don't care so much for portables like Japan. The 3Ds top rival is the PSP. The PSP may sell less every month, but that 's because it's already owned by millions in Japan. So Atlus is dropping games like flies in Japan for Sony's PSP (which works on Vita), but the 3ds gets SMT 4 (which could eventually get an HD version on Vita if...

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They made a whole lot of PlayStation games as well (maybe even more). So what's your point? Stop trying to drop subtle conjectures.

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Nobody cares about a old game like Diablo 3 anyway. Old is old.

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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She aiight.

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Tired of this gender-divisive crap. Women buy 46% of games? Great for them--that's a hell of a lot more than the media would have us to perceive that it would be.

Can we move on now?

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And they get ignored every time. What's your point?

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Go to 4:47 to see him admit that it's not only the same crappy engine, but it's just modified from the old crappy Quake engine. Activision sucks.

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