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Buddy, im only telling you to think about it for more than two seconds. I'm not saying nobody should be concerned. Just don't give in to the mass panic manufactured by the media and the kind of stupid people who will fight each other over toilet paper. There are a million other things that warrant much more concern than the coronavirus. It's not the zombie apocalypse. This isn't the movie Contagion.

Realize that this exact situation literally happens all of ...

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Companies are making these decisions because they are told to. Because it has an effect on markets and certain people intend to make mega bucks off all this totally unwarranted hysterical panic. The entire situation is manufactured.

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I'm sorry for your loss, but your anecdote doesn't really mean much. Elderly people are far more likely to die from countless other causes and most people don't seem to care. The media is creating mass hysteria like they always do. People died during previous outbreak scares and guess what... everyone has completely forgotten about those. The same will happen with this.

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Nothing will happen and you will forget about it in a few months, in time for holiday shopping.

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You risk that and much worse every time you have ever gone outside or done literally anything. This is ridiculous. If you want to be safe, check yourself into a mental institution where you are kept under 24/7 sureveillance and are only allowed to watch channel 3 news and play checkers for 1 hour a day.

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Agreed. If you wanna avoid unneccessary risks, give up driving, give up walking across the street, give up microwavable dinners, don't go to the beach, don't ever look at or speak to anybody, get rid of all your friends, don't eat with a fork and knife, dont exercise, never go outside... all these things and many more could potentially lead to injury, disease, death, or just hurt feelings.

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If that were sensible why wasnt anybody cancelling events over the cold or the flu? This is not a sensible way to behave at all. Avoid unneccessary risks? Better stop driving on the highway then since the risk of death is much greater. Better just stop doing anything altogether because you never know what horrible thing could happen. The only way to stay safe is to literally imprison yourself...

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Literally nothing will happen. Just like every other time.

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So you'd rather be lied to and exploited for profit?

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They are not saving anyone's lives.

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Coronavirus isn't even new. People have been getting it for years and years.

I'd be more concerned about, say the common cold virus or the flu. Oh, but because nobody's ever heard of coronavirus until the news started making a big deal about the new "wuhan" strain, we all better go buy all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer we can get! Better cancel every event and tell people to avoid all contact with other humans! Better get the kids out of school ...

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... well you are right about the open world part. Not so sure about "action" or "adventure" though.

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Unrealistic expectations? Oh you mean like expecting the game to be fun and worth playing?

Guess I didn't expect that instead of fun and engaging gameplay I'd be playing the postal service simulator. A day in the life of a UPS man is not really the impression one would get from the advertisements.

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People actually do like new things if they are enjoyable.

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I dismissed it because it was boring as hell. Delivering packages across New Zealand is something I wouldn't even want to experience in reality, much less in a video game.

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If you want to save some money go with 16gb ram instead. It will be more than enough. Use the savings for a better cpu and x570 board. 3600 is around the same price as the 2700x and offers better performance. Only advantage of the 2700x is 2 more cores, but they wont have much of an effect on gaming.

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What are you talking about? There are already tons of games with muscular god men and I haven't seen anybody react the way you describe.

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