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Imagine: working hard for three years on something that you know is going to amaze people. And then right before you are about to release it to the public, some idiot goes and leaks at all. Thankfully, you have the good sense to take it with grace, and when you show it at E3 it gets best of show for its originality and freshness.

Oh wait, wrong game. This is the Call of Duty developers, acting like children because their zombie mode mode has been leaked.


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I'm in my thirties. I have a wife, a child, a job that I work for nine hours a day and an hour commute both ways. The Switch is a godsend to me. I don't have the time anymore to sit in the couch and play a game for an hour or two, but I totally have the time throughout the day. That's why the idea of taking console-caliber games with me is so exciting.

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Why is this news? It has absolutely nothing to do with the NX; it is just a numbers-based extrapolation based off of the sales that they had on the Wii U. Are we that desperate for NX news that anyone who mentions it is suddenly a trending topic? Or is this just pointless clickbait that tricks the reader into thinking that GameStop is actually saying anything about the NX other than it's coming out next year and that they will sell it?

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Look, one thing at a time, OK? The 3DS is still going extremely strong. No, not as good as the original DS, but it stands solidly on its own. I keep hearing that the 3DS is 'long in the tooth' or is 'circling the drain,' but if sales are still going strong, there isn't a need for it to be replaced now. Especially because its only competition now - smartphone games - aren't really changing or getting better.

A new handheld at this time could argua...

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There's a difference between writing a movie review and a game review, especially as it comes to length. If you're writing a movie review, you darn well expect that the reviewer sat through the entire thing. I mean, it's only two hours. However, games are a much different beast - they can take a few hours, or they can take 40 hours, or 100 hours - and that's not even including games that are primarily online that don't exactly -have- an ending. Reviewers on gaming news...

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This doesn't deserve a hundredth of the attention it's getting. Nintendo, a company that brands itself as family-safe and has a large customer group in children, fired an employee in its public relations department after discovering that her second job was in adult entertainment. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is more than enough to get you fired. Nintendo doesn't need other secret hidden reasons to fire someone. And also, Nintendo really can't talk to journalists about the fi...

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This is an issue that, if you run into it, you've already demonstrated that you're a huge fan of the Wii U.

I mean, honestly, 292 games? I don't think that I've purchased 292 games in my life, much less on one single system.

I agree about the trollish BS. Call Nintendo out for what they really do actually do wrong. Don't make up problems where there are none.

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Oh, I don't know. Possibly it's because Fire Emblem Fates has it in a romantic setting, with blushing beautiful anime women and hearts floating in the background, as you stroke their cheek and face with a single finger. Compare that to Miitomo, where you have a gigantic palm plastered to a doll-like Mii's forehead, as you wiggle it back and forth, petting them like a dog.

Is Fire Emblem's system too risqué and deserving of being cut? Probably not. It&...

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"I understand the disappointment, and I'm just as anxious as the rest of you to see another true Metroid Prime game, but what if Federation Force didn't have the name Metroid attached to it?"

See, though, we didn't know it first as Metroid Prime: Federation Force. We saw it being played intensively first, as Blast Ball. Collectively, it was a "Meh." It didn't look awful, didn't look great. Personally, I hoped that they had a lot mor...

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You couldn't have said it better. I love Nintendo, partially because of their games, but also because of their unwavering dedication to make new, original content that is appropriate for all ages, rather than what seems to be standard fare published on other consoles.

Nintendo fans, in general, are treated as second-class citizens by many of the gaming community. There's probably no quicker way to have your opinion flatly ignored or mocked than to show your colors a...

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@LOL_WUT: That's my one pet peeve about Miitomo. It's really an awesome and powerful app, and I like interacting with my friends in a different way. But it's clear from the content of some of the questions that it's intended for a preteen / teen target audience. Questions like "Who's your secret celebrity crush?" or "How would you feel if you were going to get a new sibling?" just don't make sense for people outside of that demographic.

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It really depends on how many friends you have who use it. I like it because it does tend to start conversations with people who I've either lost touch with over time, or who I just don't know as well as I wish I did. It's NOT a game, but it IS enjoyable.

However, the Miifoto part is really quite awesome. I've made tons of hilarious images of different Miis, my friends, and celebrities doing wacky, outrageous things. The fact that you can also use real pic...

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It makes sense from Nintendo's perspective. People used to sit for years on Club Nintendo coins and wait for "just the perfect prize." At its end, people had hundreds upon hundreds of coins waiting to be spent.

The main prize that you seem to earn on My Nintendo is discounts on games. Having it set at six months not only keeps people interested in earning more, but keeps people spending their currency, and thus buying these nice coupons for Nintendo product ...

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I completely agree with you, 3-4-5. The audience for VR in general is growing, but it's far smaller and altogether different than the audience for a new console. They're not competing in the same way that Sony and Microsoft compete when they launch new consoles. Now, if NX came bundled with VR, then this argument might actually hold some water, but that's not likely to happen.

Launching in October makes sense, too. Right before the holiday, so you first get th...

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That's gotta be Smash Bowser.

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Just in time for Black History Month, we have an article that summarizes a bunch of stereotypes on a particular minority in our subculture. Someone should totally write a "5 differences between hardcore video gamers and normal people" article, so we all can feel equally offended. I would imagine that it would include stuff like "You keep waiting for Half Life 3 Even Though It'll Never Come Out" or "When You Watch Youtube, It's Usually Video Game Related Or L...

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My four-year-old is going to be so excited. He's wanted Watch Dogs since he was, like, two.

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Yeah, 2cents, making a comment about his intellect is kind of an exact example of 'trolling trash'.

For all its other flaws, I'm grateful that this article -didn't- refer to Nintendo's reluctance to publish said "blood and guts" games, as THAT argument is sad, tired, and pathetic. They steer away from the games generally aimed at teen-to-twentysomething males, and instead make games everyone can enjoy. If that is immature, then the meaning of t...

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I bought Pokemon Blue on launch day when I was in eighth grade, so I've been in it from the beginning. Bought Silver right away, too. It was with Ruby and Sapphire that I noticed that things were starting to get a bit stale, despite the pretty graphics. Same went with D/P, which caused me to actually SKIP the black and white generation altogether. And as much as I love X/Y, it essentially has those same exact elements as the very first game.

The main adventure is alwa...

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This disgusts me. Not Comcept – they’re acting literally like every other game designer who is struggling to design, produce, manufacture, and distribute a quality video game. Things get delayed. A lot. No, what disgusts me is all of this entitled whining by people who threw their money at this project hoping that they were funding some fantastic amazing dream.

Grow up. This stuff happens. People who know absolutely nothing about the process should not be going online a...

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