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Who's complaining people wanna know where this game has been and what has been going on since its been MIA since 2014 for the most part. All I see is people hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

The only person complaining is you, if N4G bothers you so much go somewhere else

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Xboxonex- so spending another 500$ on a console late in the gen for power and pixels.
Gamepass- sure thats good
BC- an over exaggerated feature
Dobly- cause thats important?
Free sync- okay again thats important?
4k blu ray- cause thats why we buy game consoles
Game studios- something they should’ve ve done years ago and now you wait for another 3-4 years.
M&K- thats been on PS4 welcome to the present
Razer- cause bra...

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What momentum? Sony just annouced several new exclusives at TGS, released spiderman to stellar reviews, annouced several holidays bundles to sell, and just changed their stance on crossplay to better the consumer. And recently made PS now better.

What has MS done other than release another forza.

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Too bad xbox doesn’t have the options when it comes to what matters most games. But hey another controller am I right

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WAHHHHHHHHh! Those big bad sony fanboys WAH!!

Dude shut up, the only people who complain about certain fanboys being the worst are fanboys themselves

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It is a minor advantage. No one is rushing out or abandoning the PS4 for XONE because of the power advantage and most agree “yeah its stronger but who cares wheres the games?”. So yes its not a big deal. Theres no games that even beat Spiderman, Detriot, UC4, Horizon, Ghost of tsushima, and GOW in graphics so who cares.

Its funny you xbox guys hold DF to such high degree now before you guys would cry bias everygame and you guys still do when DF proves you idiots wrong when...

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So in other words after dying from dehydration for the last three/four years until now because the PS4 was more powerful(even though it wasnt impotant) you feel the need to over brag and over exaggerate a minor advantage most people don’t care for this late. Okay got it

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MS should really just keep its mouth shut. Xbox gamers need to go back to bragging about 4K, services and studios. While PS gamers brag about games.

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No MS plays you fools like a fiddle giving you cheap buggy, unfinished games with lack of content, services and telling you to wait till next gen for games. while the competition gives its users actual games.

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Yeah okay lets believe the company thats known for PR fluff and hides numbers, that they’re telling the truth about numbers, attach rates, etc because they said so. They wont release the numbers but we should believe them anyway cause thats what the average intelligent person does. When someone tells them something without proof they just believe them without question.

And people here wonder why MS suits are disliked in general. Can’t wait for the loyal fanbase he speaks of...

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Dude seriously shut up and go cry in a FH4 article. Everytime a PS game gets released you idot xbots cry downgrade, and everytime your proven wrong.

So seriously just stop. Go play your broken lack of content GAAS games while you wait for next gen to MAYBE get some actual GOOD exclusives from MS and let PS gamers enjoy actual games

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There is no relevance. He’s an xbox fanboy who’s crying wahhh and is insinuating PS gamers are being hypocrites beacause most PS gamers with brain all agree GB is irrelevant, but with agree with this article which is factual.

Even a broken clock is right once a day, so like I said pay him no mind and let him keep crying

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Keep crying

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