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A few flaws, but it nails the Star Wars experience

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Metal Gear Rising isn't a satisfying example. It doesn't put my fears to rest that the company won't F up the next Metal Gear Solid game.

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They want us to play Witcher until Cyberpunk comes out. Ive invested too much time to not see this game through fully.

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No way, I prefer quality of quantity. I'd rather have a smaller map thats teaming with interesting moments. A game that focuses on creating a unique experience every time you play, rather then a big map that takes time and development resources away away from those other important qualities.

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Drake doesn't have a giant upper body

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this is good. Id like to see some more feature length movies from square enix, like they did with ff7

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Mario is alive because nintendo continues to make polished and memorable mario games

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Id pay 20 for it

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Respect my time Dragon Age Inquisition. Id rather play a 80 hour game with meaningful side quests than trudge through 120 hours of grab a shard, close a rift.

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Tetsuya Nomura is the only guy at square enix that makes sure his games don't suck. It will be good.

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I like what Cyber Connect 2 did with the Naruto Storm Revolution demo. You can pick from 4 characters and 2 modes are available: free battle and online (which is the most important one). The demo has been going for a month and a half.

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Its not a flaw if it was intentionally designed that way. Plus they said they're making an OPTION where the controls will be easier if the player chooses.

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They announced this one late, Im already interested in AC Unity, and even though I don't have the ps4 yet, Id rather wait, skip Rogue, which seems utterly familiar, and play the game that is slightly more innovative.

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This new one seems like it has some slightly more sophisticated technology. I think it takes place in the kid link timeline, after the events of Twilight Princess. That one had the highest level of technology in any zelda game, and this new one looks to slightly surpass it. Links new bow was what led me to make this guess.

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If the games difficulty is an issue, how hard is it to just put the game on hard.

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its the launch trailer so they're catering to a western audience to get sales from those who don't know or normally play this game. Its a cheap tactic, but the actual game won't reflect the song choice.

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The combat is growing on me, Theres some slight tweaks and new abilities that make it more fast paced. But the level design, especially in the modern day setting is blah.

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That was as entertaining as an episode, and i like the reflex based gameplay.

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From a business standpoint it seems like a bad move to make this game, if you can't sell it everywhere you normally would. But as a gamer and anime fan I'm glade they did. Ill have to get the japanese version.

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I was thinking the same thing. Its hard to tell if this game requires a higher thought process beyond shooting enemies.

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