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Voice recognition on all platforms, pre-kinect.

Developers can't figure out what to do with the thing, but still want MS dollars to make features that use Kinect so we end up with cheesy gimmicks...

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So... do you work at the Redmond campus or are you a contractor?

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Idiot will need show damages to file a civil case or he is going to be writing a check to Sony's lawyers for wasting their time.

Whats with all the BS stories from this website?

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Unlike the original, I'd play that.

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Great, take a civil DMCA case to a felony contempt of court/destruction of evidence charge...

Bankruptcy is 1000X better then cell mate lovin.

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They need to release 3 sets weekly, with each console leading their respective set.

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The wheel helps, but you need to buy a PS3 to actually play the game.

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Exactly! No need to comment on his comment, thats what the red minus button is for.

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My grandma only has a VCR and a 8 Track... why is this news?

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Nice marketing, I wonder if these guys got paid by the hour...

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Tell me when they actually do and not just buy it from someone else.


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It's this years Wii.. to bad everyone bought one three years ago...

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I can...

Casual games will need a console + kinect... too expensive and they already own a Wii.

For hardcore gamers, no games.

Should have sold to the core audience to establish a market first rather then chasing Nintendo.

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It worked for Obi-Wan...

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All this says is that Microsoft didn't have enough faith in the product to produce a sufficient quantity for launch...

After the Kin phone, I don't blame them.

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So we can sue Sony or MS for millions for misstating sales or you for your 0$ worth of bullshit opinion.

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troll not trolls.

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Odd that Microsoft didn't have enough faith in their own product to ensure adequate supply...

But after the Kin Phone who can blame them.

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Its not hard to find....

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One kidney means less bathroom breaks as well.

Total Win

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