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This game is a massive step forward from the release version. Anyone not liking starfield should check this out because it's superior in so many ways as far as rpgs go.

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Sony need to get their act together and get some big hitting games on there. Also they need to open up the device to at least have the same capabilities as the first PSVR in terms of being able to play video content, 3D movies etc.

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It's not hard to play it if your playstation only. All you need is a tv and play it through xbox cloud for £10 a month. I will give it a go for sure using this method but from what I have seen from the trailers I get the sense that it may become repetitive after a dozen hours or so. I really hope there is more to do than just turn up at a complex and shoot people though. This is why I loved mass effect because of the deep impactful choices you could make really affected the story, an...

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Also no mans sky. Especially if you have psvr2 with the new foveated rendering patch. It looks amazing now.

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Huge huge difference. If you have VR this is easily the best patch yet.

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Four articles down a story about the playstation 5 being discounted by £75. Awkward

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To be fair Budweiser thought hiring Dylan Mulvaney was commercially accurate. Probably best to do some market research first

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The steam deck completely wipes the floor with the switch but what the switch does well is churn out a classic nintendo game once every year or so on a console that costs £200 that appeals to kids and parents alike. Not many kids are going to want to deal with which version of proton to use to get a game working on the steam deck, but as an adult with enough PC knowledge to get by and an income that means I can justify spending over £500 for a handheld PC there is no comparison in t...

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So because they have a rubbish game engine and can't code its the right choice to go with 30fps. OK then

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I absolutely love this game, and the physics are perfect. It's like the real thing but with whacky courses. What's not to like for the asking price

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They will lose a lot of sales from this short-sightedness. People with VR2 would have been all over this just like they were with GT7 even if not into racing games all that much. And regular players of the F1 games who have tried VR racing will probably give the franchise a miss this year. Once you try racing in VR its hard to go back to racing on a screen.

I'm surprised they have overlooked this to be honest. literally everyone is asking for it on the forums.

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This is what Sony and PSVR2 should be doing. Offer triple AAA games but in VR. Make VR the ultimate benchmark experience for their first party games. Capcom have done it with resident evil. That's the formula to follow

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They need to make some games that non VR gamers need to have. Gran turismo is close in that respect but there needs to be less call of the mountains and more fully fleshed out games like half life Alyx from Sony first party studios. It's a great bit of tech but if there's nothing to play then you can't expect people to drop £500 on it.

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Any racing game that's released without a VR option is going to lose sales from now on. If you have the VR headset there's just no going back to flat screen racing. I'm looking at you codemasters and also the proper sims like ACC need to step up as well on console.

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As someone who couldn't play driveclub VR for more than 5 minutes GT7 VR hasn't given me motion sickness once. You still get all the nice feelings like stomach turning upside down going over a crest of a hill but not any nausea. At least thats my experience

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Totally agree with this article. It is indeed a foveated rendering eye tracking update away from being great.

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For the record replays can be viewed in VR. Also I discovered if you go into the settings in the game and put the screen brightness up to the highest setting it makes the image appear much clearer than the default value.

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I have all of the above games albeit call of the mountain was the trial game but nevertheless resident vil village is the best of the lot. GT7 a close second. The way capcom have mixed interactivity and a sense of being in a horror situation together is nothing short of extrodinary. This is the benchmark that all other VR games need to be looking at

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Shows how many people actually care about the comments of JK Rowling. Beyond a few people with nose studs and purple hair not that many

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It's good but you kind of notice the limitations in the physics engine more in VR with GT7 than you probably do on a TV. I really hope they bring out VR support for assetto corsa competizioni

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