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nah not really i'll play it on my PC

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in belgium games have been 70 euros for almost a decade now

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to me RDR 2 was a chore, brushing your horse, doing camp tasks, having to ride everywhere with no real fast travel(few trains don't count here) the story was good, but so was the witcher story. But the sidequests of the witcher are a lot better compared to the ones in RDR2.

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it actually looks just like more of the same, which isn't bad

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they've been saying this since ps2, idiots keep believing this.

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Hell NO
in chapter 2 i had a crash every 15 mins on PS5, Streets are empty, if i turn around stuff just randomly dissapears; police spawn in impossible locations, NPC getting stuck having to reload previous saves.
Cyberpunk is Still buggier than any bethesda game i played even after all the patches.
i want it to be a good game but at the moment it's still a dumpsterfire of a game and anyone claiming otherwise is either too blind to see or a fanboy.

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remember warcraft 3 remaster

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there's fans of this game??

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you are 100% correct, i liked the story but too much realism kills the fun part.

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no, please don't.
wash you car, tkae the trash out, do the dishes, add gas no one like too much realism it's time wasting

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it'll come out on ps6

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this sketch one of the least random stuff rick and morty have ever done but yeah i guess.....

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why did i even click

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payed 60 euros for the original game, i'm not gonna pay 80 euros for a better looking version of the same game.

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but on a more serious note, hahahah

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You do know epic owns fortnite and only makes multiplatforms and engines right?

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one of the only negative previews out ther, which means it's probably just for clicks!

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idiot article, they didn't fumble they did everything right, only thing missing is the damn price other than that go back to your other platform fanboy

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it looks futuristic, and i like it

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lol sony just beat xbox without even showing their console or their games, all they had to show was one tech demo that looked exponentionally better than anything running on xbox series x, and yes unreal engine 5 will be coming to xbox they made it quite clear that it will be scaled down. that SSD in xboxwon't be capable of streaming in 8k textures

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