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Confirming Prime 4 is in development and that a Pokemon RPG is coming to the Switch is a big deal for a lot of people.

Not exactly sure why you keep saying Nintendo is getting a free pass, they announced two titles that create excitement and something to look forward to. Sure, a screenshot or trailer would have been great, but now we have 2018 E3 to look forward to.

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I have played online games for almost 20 years and Overwatch has one of the single worst communities I have ever experienced. So much groupthink and hatred. Once a match goes south people become ruthless...

A lot of times I won't even have voice chat up because it's just constant bickering.

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Nobody should care if Persona beats Zelda in Metacritic score BECAUSE THAT MEANS WE GET ANOTHER GOOD GAME.

Good lord you people. You act like you get commision for how your favorite console does in regards to their stupid review scores.

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You didn't say the game sucked so you get disagrees. You need to have some witty childish comment in here that only other children can comprehend.

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No, it's more because every single article posted on here that reviews Zelda positively gets flamed, and every single negative one people jump for joy. I don't see anybody who likes Zelda going and flaming Horizon articles, yet I see plenty of people getting all up in arms with how upset they are that Horizon is so much better than Zelda.

The funniest part about this is that most of the people who are being called "Nintendrones", which sounds idiotic and ...

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I understand what you are saying and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I didn't like Bioshock but I know it was a good game, the quality was there but it did not appeal to me.

My issue is more with this site and their obsession with hating on Zelda when a large majority have probably never even spent 5 minutes with the game. So many people are claiming "paid reviews" and that the game receives a bump in score because of the title "Zelda". ...

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So the first game that I have found time to pour 30+ hours in completing in one week since Mass Effect 2 is a below average game.

Click bait.

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Most of the hate are from people who haven't played it and think there is some sort of competition between consoles. Who cares if a game comes out on PS4, XB1, PC, or Switch as long as it's good? Like, one game doesn't have to suck because you like another one.

The only two negatives I can really think of besides the frame dips which didn't really bother me was that some of the dungeon bosses felt easy (not boring) and the soundtrack wasn't as good as ...

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I don't remember people saying any of the Souls games or Bloodborne (2 of my favorite franchises) really needed to be knocked down because of frame rate issues. In fact, I remember more of people laughing that Blight Town was such a frame dip and it made a difficult area even harder. People knew that this was an issue but because the overall game and experience was so good it really didn't ruin what was an amazing product.

The Zelda frame lag hardly happens and w...

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"In the end, yes, Horizon is a better game.
This is my opinion of course.

Btw Zelda got a free pass in the scores."

I am sure you have had enough time to play through both Horizon and Zelda and formulate a very informed opinion on the matter.

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"Horizon zero dawn is a way better game than zelda botw. Zelda botw seems so bland with a lot of pop ins and frame rate issues. Zelda botw is just an open world zelda game that isnt doing anything new while having bad graphics. Can you imagine if horizon zero dawn looked and played exactly like zelda botw with its pop ins, bland world, samey enemy types, and low quality graphics because it would have very low scores. Zelda botw i know is a fun game but most people who arent fanatics know...

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To NewMonday - In 30+ hours of playing and beating Zelda at no point during the entire game did I feel like I had to grind anything. Weapon Durability and scavenging as you were playing added a fun dynamic (for me) as I had to pick and choose what I wanted to keep and what best fit my play style. I also saved my best weapons for harder enemies.

As far as the reviewer saying this game has a thick crust of frustration due to "constant irritations" I would have to ...

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Look at the PS4 launch lineup. I didnt use my damn ps4 for much other than resogun for almost a year.

This fanboy nonsense is ridiculous on here lately. It is AMAZING how much people forget about system launches and how little comes with it on release.

Switch comes with one of the best reviewed games of all time, but lets not acknowledge that because of some sort of bizarre obsession with another console.

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I'm glad I bought the Switch but to each his own.

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The console has been out for less than a week. People seem to forget all of the other launch issues in history with other companies.

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Breath of the Wild is the best game I've played in as long as I can remember. I literally never want to stop playing. I didn't think Nintendo could handle an open world setting but they killed it.

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How much have you played? Im 20 hours in and its one of the best games I've ever played.

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The damn console is a mini tablet and plays full scale games. One game running 1 second slower when load times are already fast is a non issue.

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I absolutely love all the people disagreeing with comments like this because they hate Nintendo and or the Switch.

Breath of the Wild is going to be amazing.

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No, Overwatch is the game everyone loves to hate for some reason. It is a great shooter.

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