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Now, who would be the next protagonist? I mean Ethan Winters is dead, I don't know if her daighter might, Chris looks old AF. Will Capcom satisfy once again to thir thirst audience? All this and more on the next episode of RE9

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I don't care much about Dead Rising BUT Resident Evil on the other hand.... maybe they remade Re: code Veronica OR RE9, either way one of those has to show up at least. I doubt they are remaking RE0 or RE5 just yet.

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Game pass is imposed at this point, they insist and that's their big bet for them, hence why they were buying studios to make games for their gamepass library,.Baiscally making gaming a service like Netflix or Disney+. that's anticonsumer and hopefully we still got options.

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Nah, that's PR talking even with an outdated engine they can still port games from the early 2000's to their so called "max power" hardware.
This is just plain and simple ever since their game pass, is not profitable for Japanese companies to port their games for a montly subscription. They still are rooted into buy and sell their products, in contrast Microsoft is trying to FORCE us to consume gaming as a service and not a product.
The day that gaming in...

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Well, here we go, z Zelda game where you get to play as Zelda. with a different style... I'm in.

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If I must make an educated guess then Metroid prime 4 Beyond is other main launch title for the "Switch 2", in fact this will most likely be cross-gen, meaning this will be compatible with the Switch and the new console with of course less fps and maybe less resolution. This is Nintendo's big bet for their debut for their new console.

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Here's an idea, how about you sit there, STFU and wait until the game is launched, and then com back here and you be the judge. But considering guys like you will always complain no matter what seems like a waste. But thsi is what people with common sense do.

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With the exception of th first Prime game, all of them have something else... like "prime echoes" or "Prime corruption" I say they have been keeping a good track record in naming their prime games.

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I would bet prime 4 be announced in this direct. Nist likely that game wull probably be announced foe the new console as a launch title like BOTW did back then, What you can expect is possible prime echoes and the last pime will have the same treatment as the original prime and willl be ported to the Switch..

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Of course, nothing is a given but you can be sure that Nintendo most likely will let switch games be backwards compatible for the new console(whatever will be called) so fear not.

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You clearly don't have a clue about business. There is always a reason why companies do things they do...

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I think the main problem here is that the whole industry has no idea what to do, is in chaos. Studios shut down, some studios get bought out of the blue. There is the woke agenda because something is too sexy, etc Right now there is no telling what trend is sellling for them...ironically we the consumers just want to play good it so much to ask?

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Oh yes I agree. I remember poeple asking ubisoft for a new AC in feudal Japan and all that stuff and then came Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro so now that itch has been scratched poeple no longer see or care for a new "Japanese samurai/ninja" game.
Like poeple said too little, too late.

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I dont care if its upgraded, I'm not supporting a company that does crap business decisions because...reasons....I'll get when it gets into steam a a 50% discount when available.
Tango Gameworks deseves better and now I fear Ninja Theory might me next of it doesn't sell expectacular.

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The game deserves because it's that fun and good. heck, I'm still having a blast plaing it so It's absurd what Xbox did ad for that alone dont trust them.

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I agree, that game has proven good games can still be done withou being truple A cinematics etc. Tango did good and sales were good IDK what Microsof has been smokin' but clearly they are wong.
I really hope this franchise doesn't die.

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If rumours are to be believed they reason why theu have been holding the "switch 2" back this year is case they are planing to go big with an already descent library at launch. If so this could be big sales and a trust back from the consumers. They just have to make it powerful enough to run those 3rd party games at minimun and have backwards compatibilit with old Switch physical and digital games and WE ARE GOLD.

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Most likely, yes

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Great! Microsoft and their policies and shareholders just shut down an actual studio with talents, like Tango Gameworks because...reasons.
TBH this industry deserves to crash for all those crappy decisions take all for the sake of "profits" and less about what us(the consumer) wants or needs.

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Ouch that sucks, That game is indeed beautiful not just in gameplay butalso in presentation, however this is the result for going exclusive to Ps5, was it worth it I wonder?

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