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That's exactly it. She doesn't understand that jokes and funny moments don't need a funny response. Just laugh and move on, don't make it awkward.

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And yet they bring her back every year. I don't get it. I've taken to actually pausing the stream for a minute and skipping past the bits where I see that she's talking, just so that I can avoid cringing.

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I enjoyed them equally too, but what made me enjoy Uncharted 3 a bit more than 2 was that it was the most grounded in reality. No Nazi zombies or big blue monsters. Plus I enjoyed the story focusing on Drake and Sully's relationship.

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It shows that he's not Scottish. If he was then he'd know that that's not bad compared to some of the attempts you can hear.

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Well I'm sure he loves that as well. I mean, who doesn't love morphine?

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A Batmanime?

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It was approved 10 hours ago. If you're referring to it just showing up on the front page, that's because it's sorted automatically to stories above 50 degrees. It just took 10 hours for anyone to click it enough to raise it 50 degrees.

On topic: this definitely isn't a game for me but the destruction physics look fun.

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Kind of a weird music choice. It doesn't really go well with the trailer. Looks sort of interesting though and another JRPG isn't a bad thing.

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You don't really get sarcasm, do you?

Anyway, this is looking great. Hopefully we'll see some gameplay soon.

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Here's the link to disprove his statement (besides a couple of trolls).


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The nay sayers won't be put to rest. The number of ridiculous articles about this game, despite people not seeing overly much, will mean very little backtracking, even if it turns out to be the best game ever (which it won't).

Idiots have a hive mind and currently that mind is going on stupidly about lack of innovation (as if that matters) as a means to call this a terrible game.

I expect a fair few 4/10, "I told you so", reviews when this r...

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Well it did have an anime OVA broadcast last month, so it could technically be called an anime game (even though its sole purpose for existence is for it to be viewed before playing the game).

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Are you a troll or just stupidly misinformed?

You realise that Bethesda is a publisher, right? Skyrim was the last game they made, all the others released since have been published by Bethesda and not developed by them.

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I can't really think of 5 but I would probably have Ni no Kuni, Persona 4 and Final Fantasy XIII (say what you like about the game but the soundtrack is spectacular) in my top JRPG soundtracks.

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You don't know the meaning of surviving the wasteland until you've fended off a Supermutant Mickey.

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No, because it's offering 2 games it's offering 2 games on top of it's normal price in order to push up the Christmas period sales. A common deal on a console that's already selling very well.

With this deal it is offering the console and 5 games for around £30 less than it was selling this time last year.

I can definitely understand their reasoning and I imagine they are taking a risk financially to increase th...

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well, to be fair, this is incredibly desperate.

It's also a hell of a deal and everyone who can should take advantage of it.

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I said to myself that I would get a Wii U when this released and here it approaches and I still don't even have a PS4 or Xbox One yet. I think I'll need to hold back for a while after this releases and get at least one of those consoles before a Wii U. I'm really looking forward to it though, it looks great.

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I'm looking forward to Murasaki Baby and probably Shadow of Mordor depending on how it's received.

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I think that the art style (if that trailer is in any way indicative of it) is quite good, but I deeply dislike that character design. Hopefully they make some changes to him before release.

I'm interested to see more of this in the future. I may not know what it's like yet but it's got dragons so it could be good.

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