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At this point gold and everything are folded Into GamePass which is growing in popularity every day. It’s clear that this is being phased out. It doesn’t really make sense to do both. They seem to be using it to spotlight smaller titles now for the most part.

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They both did worst because they sold all of their units

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Never once cared about the ads on Xbox . Even in the 360 era when they were for Doritos. They were little boxes in the corner that took nothing away from the experience for me. It just worked. I don't know why so many people give a crap about ads like that. If it is an unskippable pop up that's one thing. To me those ads made the old gui feel more alive and less static. They were easy to ignore and helped support the business. People just whine and complain about everything.

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Feels fine to me. The new PS5 dashboard is just new for the sake of being new but its really not all that different. The Card functionality is a nice idea and very convenient. I'm still getting used to not being able to hold the playstation button to go into rest mode. I like the focus on trophies. I honestly like both and i'm not particularly worried about how the Dashboard is on Xbox One because it evolves throughout the generation multiple times. These 2 companies just have differe...

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Isn’t this just the PS4 light at functionality on the ps5. I imagine any game that used the light at should work the same way it did on PS4.

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This is an entire article about how the games load time 1 second Less on ps5. Oy. Looking below I’m Really curious how many people read this article.

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Is this because of the Xbox Sampler Feedback Streaming?

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Uwww more industrial espionage like with the 360 disk drive.

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I feel like they definitely made some compromises. They made a lot of choices just to cut the price.

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My main thing wih this guys argument is as somebody who had both. Xbox started off last gen with more exclusives. They launched with Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 within a few months we had Sunset Overdrive. PS4 launched with Knack and Killzone Shadowfall within a few months we had Infamous Second Son. Then it took like year and half before got Bloodborne then the floodgates started opening on quality exclusives.

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Aw hell naw

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I'd say PS5 has its strongest launch line up ever by having at least 1 must play game. It actually has 2 though. Compared to the 4 previous launches where this was not the case. I bought Killzone just to have something to play. I wouldnt touch Knack with a 15 foot pole but it was there for....someone. Xbox had a bad run of it with Halo but they are more in the traditional where the console will come out before the must have games. PS5, Switch, N64, and the original Xbox are the exception ...

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Xbox updates its UI multiple times throughout a generation. It always has. So what we get now will be completely different then what we wound up with in the beginning this will be no different. Sony tends to do a new UI and then for the most stick with it for the whole gen. Its just 2 different approaches that's all.

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This is 2K and 2K makes EA look like a humanitarian charity in comparison when it comes to aggressive and egregious micro transactions.

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That UI will be be updated before launch they have already said this. The only reason you even know about the UI on the preview console is because they had the confidence in the system to send it out to all those influencers. First it was the Temp and now it is this.

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I played most of this on Gamepass on PC but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. IT was not without a bit of technical problems. Some noticeable slow down at points. That being said DontNod built a fascinating world populated by interesting characters and a decent amount of choice. This game really shows the promise of this studio. With a little more assets they could make something incredible they just haven't hit their full stride yet.

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Since I own all consoles I’m all for it. They can’t afford to keep playing nice while Sony runs around and spends money to specifically keep games like Final Fantasy and Street Fighter off Xbox for years at a time. He can’t continue singing Kumbaya while Sony plays by its own set of rules. Make people come to your platform.

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Aw man please don’t make these guys sell this games. Which looks more “Godfall Of War” then anything.

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Cool my PS4 Pro and my original PS4 sound line the X-Men’s blackbird Jet. This is great news.

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Shut up whiners. Wii U only had like 14 million sold if that. I think even my beloved PS Vita outsold it. Those games deserve a proper audience. I had one and I have no problem with this.

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