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the game is great but it has some issues.

the person that decided I wouldnt want to look at my own NBA online stats from online games should be fired. its appalling that this was left out of the game.

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i found the ps3 version to be alot more buggy than the ps4 version.

the ps4 version hasnt given me many problems

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maybe its different in canadia for some reason?

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this is not true.

I did this the other day and it worked just fine.

youre able to play the ps3 and ps4 versions without a hitch. ps4 version requires your ps3 disc to be in the console so you cant trade it in. but its worth it to get 2 games for cheap. this upgrade goes until march 14

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ive put 450hrs into bf3 and never once started up the campaign

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for warframe I thought they confirmed launch window title, but not launch day.

Couldve missed the launch title part or misunderstood though.

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also wondering this. last i read it was a lunch window game coming out in 2013.

any body know any updates on this release? its one of my most anticipated games for ps4

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this is great

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you aim quicker with iron sights though. which can be quite an advantage.

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what people dont understand about cannabis is that its not just a drug, its a culture also. much like everything else.

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it will be beneficial for publishers/devs on bugs and whatnot also.

so even if its not something youll utilize, its likely that youll benefit from it...somehow.

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i wish i had a machine capable of running ARMA.

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so glad i snuck my preorder in this week before this happened. Whew!

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just place the order.

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finally got around to doing this, tahnks for the reminder.

it was a savings of almost 50$ for me because i was planning to go to best buy. 10 saved, and sales tax

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wasnt too excited after GTA4, but that trailer got me real excited.

Looking fwd to this.

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even ingoring the legal implications, he shouldnt be in a game.

he isnt on a team. therefore he shouldnt be on a roster anyway. and even if by some miracle he gets signed, hell likely be suspended by King Gooddell for quite a while.

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i dont expect this for another month.

but i definitely agree with you.

i hope its not some semi scripted (or tossed together of certain clips) trailer of in game play like the battlefield trailers.

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i kinda regret selling mine sometimes, but i just didnt play it like i expected.

my younger self would have enjoyed it much much more.

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idont know why people are disagreeing with you.

the last of us
gran turismo
god of war
demon souls

off the dome list. im sure theres more im missing.

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