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Give me Rainbow Six Vegas 3

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I want Forza Horizon.

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Can tell you for a fact that the trade price on a $70 title won’t be $45.

In the UK, for example, Sony’s trade price on Spider-Man 2 is closer to £50 than £40. You then need to add the 20% VAT on top of that.

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Yep, they've looked at the numbers and made the decision to absolutely sink their internal Turkish business to prop up what the cannibalisation from the US/European market looked like.

They aren't the only ones to be fair. Spotify, Netflix and Amazon have hiked theirs in recent months too in response.

What % of people even know about this loophole across all digital media? I'm guessing no more than 2%.

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Average salary in the US - $59,428
Average salary in Turkey - $4,872

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The average annual salary in Turkey is $4,872 whereas the average annual salary in the US is $59.428.

Today's price hike is the equivalent of PS Plus Extra in the US costing $1,479 a year.

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No more entitled group of people than some gamers

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Tragic battery life.

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Code Veronica is the next obvious remake imo.

Arguably 0 and 1 but they've already had HD touchups which are currently more than enough. Again, in my opinion.

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Will be interesting to see how it handles the rift aspect on PCs with slower storage as it's widely accepted that the PS5's SSD allowed for those and other transitions.

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Any improvements to MGS 1-3 or are they expecting people to pay through the nose for another port?

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I don’t see why the Switch 2 would need to change its media style? 128GB SD cards (the max the Switch 2 could possibly need) are £20 retail now so the cost will probably be 50-66% of that max.

Switch carts are just SD cards with a different form factor.

The only question is whether the SOC architecture would allow it. A beefier custom Tegra chip with DLSS3 would fit the bill perfectly for Switch 2.

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Has it? Back in my box then.

I’ll revisit on PSVR2 at the weekend then.

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Have they enabled locomotion yet? The teleporting method is a disaster.

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It depends on how much of a bottleneck the CPU could possibly be. If they're confident they can get 4K/60 with RT or 4K/120Hz without RT I think the market is there, especially if they can leverage FSR.

If the CPU bottleneck's that possibility it's a no go.

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It’s also due to keeping it out of retailers hands imo.

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My first thought. Deserved to be somewhere in there.

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5 was poor. Code Veronica next as 0/1 already are up to a reasonable enough standard.

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You have to select the PS5 Free Upgrade from the dashboard.

By putting in the PS4 disc and installing all you have done is upgrade the PS4 version to 4.00 which will allow you to use cross progression to upload your save to the cloud to use on PS5 when you unlock it.

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MSR is a shocking omission.

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