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Lol teh game is still ugly as hell

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i wish someone could do the mod "fallout new vegas on a up to date engine"

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Lol this isnt real u3 concept art.
lame website trying to get some hit on fake new. All credibility lost.

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im not even sure that xbox360 has 20 upcoming exclusive haha

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hahaha it doesnt sound really serious but still a funny idea

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whatever he will say... Its biaised...

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lol unknow website searching for hits. This website is garbage. dont event think about clicking on the link.

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so ok... Its ok to kill cuban but its not ok to kill american as a taliban... F U moral fag.

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i love giantbomb:D

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website dont work

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Only delay the game for 10 years and you will get an overhyped game.

I saw some preview of the game and it look verry normal. Nothing to be excited for. Yeah i know its a duke nukem game but its not because its a duke nukem or call of duty it a mandatary 11/10 score.

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Lol @ this epic failure.

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Dear hiphopgamer
- learn to talk
- learn to gain credibility

Otherwise... Please die...

Signed ; more thant the half of users on n4g

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no its ok to not love halo since its a verry verry generic sci-fi shooter overhyped by xbot who dont have a lot of good exclusive on 360.

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Im really tired of these bs article like this one... Its not like it has never been done before... Every day we have over 9000 article of "top ten best game on 360" "top ten worst game on ps3" "top ten best online game"

Get over it... This kind of article should never see the sun again...

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considering the poor production value of this crap + the fact that hhg is the biggest bullshiter of the gaming industry i highly doubt ms and bungie will use a track from a no name like hime...

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the title = epic lol

I wonder if microsoft have only some troll and douchebag in his team... First they had Aaron Greenberg who's the king of the douchebag in this industry and then... Him who only prove that he challenged the title of Greenberg by saying something like that...

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what is this?

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Finally, all the basement dweller will have to pay for ps3 games.

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