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So tell me again, why support M$?
They are a joke, just playing catchup so they won't be annihilated from SONY with the PS4

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Xbox one?
PS4 leading the way, with M$ copying them
We don't know much on how the Xbox 180 dev kit would work, premature to talk about it much now.

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Still more and more powerful, I expect all PS4 versions to be superior with the easier to use CPU chip.

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We havn't fully seen what the new PS camera can do.
So saying what it can't do is premature.
MS bribes for their exclusives, I'm not supporting that and neither should you. Its not fair competition. Don't say its just business, because it's still bribery.

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It's coming for PS3 and 360
So its going to be held back in overall quality.
So No.

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meh, PS Cloud can be used too to enhance games.

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Ms bribed for that too?
Titanfall and dr3 are going to the PS4
They wnt say it is because its against their contract

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These people need to stop talking out of their ass
Especially with "teh cloud makes spybox durr 1000x more powerful"
We know it wnt so stop

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Some are timed exclusives so those dont count

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It's all out taking your money and spying.

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Because we are ready to boycott when they decide to make the wrong choice.

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Of course, we don't want anti-communism

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They are using the hardware inefficiently, or just up MS ass.

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There been games before that has been published by MS, and went to PS3 later. So means nothing but timed exclusivity.

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7. It's got the best games
Also, DR3 and Titanfall are timed exclusives

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PS4 is the superior platform, I expect all multi-platform games to be superior on the PS4, no excuses.

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Multi-platform, Im done with you $E

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also for xdone no thanks

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Good, EA conference solid, keep it up.

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meh, it"ll come to PS4 a year later
Anyways I don't support bribery

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