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Xbox have had great BC for a while now.
Has it changed anything? No it hasn't.
Is it a good feature? Yes, yes it's a good feature.
Is it some kind of secret weapon? NO
Is this so-called journalist desperate for anything to write about? Yes, yes they are.
Is this the 19th article I've seen about this non-issue? Yes. smh YES !!!

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GOD, no one cares. Why is this the 18th article I've seen? Jeez Louise

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GOD, no one cares. Why is this the 18th article I've seen? Jeez

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Yeah it's alright. I'm just glad they let you get rid of a lot of Start Menu over-saturation. My Windows 10 looks very similar to my Win 7 desktop lol.

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I just want to be really surprised and shocked. I know a lot will disagree, but if they announce another Forza, Gears or Halo I'll personally be bummed.
New IP or revisiting old dormant IP is what will excite me during Microsoft's press conference. Of course Scorpio will be interesting to see also.

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SONY are not taking any flak you idiot.

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Because articles like this are written by defensive fanboys that call themselves journalists and remember... these types of filth look for any thing they can think of to write an opinion piece about. They're a joke. Half the time, they don't even believe what they're writing about.

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People are NOT saying it shouldn't be on PS4. People are saying that most people don't give a shit about BC. It's plain and simple.
Enjoy your nice feaature, but the vast majority don't give a flying crap.

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MS are spinning the numbers. They don't allow you to know the 'FACTS'.
The majority do not care about BC. It's a cool feature, but the majority do not use it and don't care. Having BC is not going to change a thing and it's not bringing people over to Xbox.... because you know... well, SALES.
Have fun with your BC. But the majority don't give a shit.

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Plus. The feature wasn't available... until it was. I would have at least tried it out. But I never would have finished a single game, let alone play it for more than an hour... because my current gen backlog is so massive....
So, I would have been counted in that 50% stat...
It's MS and the numbers are misleading as always.
But, besides the fact that the majority don't care for BC. It's still a sweet feature to have on your console. There is nothing...

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I'm a massive PS fanboy, but I'm still excited for potential new IP, or, revisiting old dormant Xbox IP. Could be really cool.

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I'd rather this than Agent any day. If this is true.

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I can honestly say that I sincerely doubt that anyone, let alone Sony are 'scared' of Scorpio.
With the games Sony offers no one is running out and selling their PS4's to buy a Scorpio.

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Your 'triggered' is showing.

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NO. Roughly 50% have 'tried' BC. Don't let the numbers get in the way of a good spin. You Xbox fans are still brainwashed. If a new feature comes to your console, you might try it out.

Xbox publicly stated this a while ago by Phil himself. He said, "approximately 50% of Xbox gamers have 'tried' BC"

Look. You can try and make numbers tell you whatever story you want. the FACT is the MAJORITY don't don't use BC. That...

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I think you need to shut up and stop overreacting

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I don't think people are trashing the feature. It's just not as important as some would have you believe. It's not a game changer and the majority don't really care about BC. It's a FACT

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Enjoy your BC. We don't give a shit. Hardly anyone does. Geez get over yourselves

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