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Stupid move

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Nintendo hasn’t had a true game of the year were the title since GameCube. They literally have people that don’t finish any games that just buy games because they are Nintendo I had met plenty of them when I worked at GameStop.

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I’m trying to figure out what genius would expect God of war to sell more than Pokémon.

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It’s definitely a problem I have purchased a shit ton of games since getting the series X they won but very few of those games have been Microsoft games

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If anything is hurting the Xbox brand it’s the lack of killer exclusive apps. I love my Xbox this console I’ve ever had but the exclusives are Completely underwhelming

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Game of the year awards are worthless

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I would be a lot more interested in this if we got more frames in ray tracing mode but these visual differences are the kind that you have to look for and will not notice well playing the game for the most part

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Developers making 30 fps games is none of my business! My console also doesn’t want to get involved.

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I can pay to have the thumb sticks replaced on my elite two controller for the price difference of the two controllers

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They could do 1000 times experience it’s still a no from me.

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I wanted Microsoft to buy studio wild card for a long time now. Ark is the best bad game ever created. But the meshing and Constant disconnects and crashes are unacceptable. I could only imagine how good the game would be if a Microsoft or Sony studio was developing it

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That’s a distance Derp

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Everybody could just like you know not play this game. Most of you will literally let these corporations do whatever they want to you and your wallet.

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I pay for games I am interested in. GamePass allows me to check and see if I actually want to pay for this game later. I have bought more games than ever since starting GamePass.

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We are on Xbox we don’t have to download GamePass games to play them. I can just press play now.

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These players feel like they are being punished but they should look on the bright side. They won’t have to worry about playing that trash

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