The Evil Within 2 is here! GOTY 2017


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No need to apologize. And i definetly agree that its a great series. Hopefully this game sells good enough for Strife to get his own game as well :)

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Actually, Darksiders 1 didn't have a crucible mode and Darksiders 2 locked Crucible mode behind a Crucible pass ( it was like the stupid online pass EA introduced last gen) if you have bought the game used so yeah. It's disappointing to know that the crucible mode is locked behind another paywall again.

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The vocals are terrible. I hope his theme only has the instruments or else it will ruin the experience for me tbh.

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Actually, that 33 million is the sales of the whole franchise not just Witcher 3 but am pretty sure half of those sales are from Witcher 3 alone.

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All Denuvo and DRM do, in general, is make people who will pirate the game just wait a little longer till it gets cracked. Hell, some people buy the game after pirating it to support the developers and because they thought it was great. When will Publishers realize that gamers will support their games if they are good and worth their money and time?

Witcher 3 is an AAA title that's DRM FREE and sold over 10 million and that should prove that people will support good gam...

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Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, Final Fantasy 12, Resonance of Fate, Deadly Premonition, Fallout 3. Lost Planet 2. When i started those games, i really hated them with a passion then I gave them another try and they became some of my favorite games of all time.

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It was definitely one the best jrpg games I played last gen alongside Tales of Vesperia and Eternal Sonata. A small advice though, skip the tutorial cause its weird and will make you even more confused. Learn how to play the game properly either from a youtube guide or just by playing. I honestly think you should just learn it by playing the game without the tutorial or a guide though because once it clicks with you, the game suddenly turns from wtf am I suppose to do to HOLY SHIT this game i...

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It didn't do as well as TEW 1 sadly but if they are making Wolfenstein 3 then there is hope that The Evil Within 3 might happen as well. Hopefully, they make a sequel to PREY as well, it was superb.

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Hopefully that means The Evil Within 3 is happening as well.

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Holy shit! No microtransactions, no season pass, no bullshit. Its just a pure single player experience

Please see this EA and start making good single player games again. We need Dead Space 4 now!

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"During their respective launch months, The Witcher 3 earned $69M, Uncharted 4 made $56M, and God of War raked in $131M in total digital revenue. These results show that there is a significant demand for narrative experiences among gamers.”

Take note EA. If you make a quality single player title, profits will come from it. It's insane how GOW managed to beat both Uncharted 4 and Witcher 3's combined revenue in their respective launch month. Congrats to SSM.

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Really glad Monster Hunter is on its way to becoming a huge success for Capcom on Home Consoles and PC. Pretty much means that moving forward, we will see more Monster Hunter on those platforms. I cant wait for this beauty on PC.

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Hell yeah!

This is gonna be amazing at 60fps.

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Been waiting so damn long for this. I hope it releases very soon and I would love to see a demo of the PC version just like they did with the PS4.

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Yeah, u can from the gameplay videos shown. But it looks like the knife has durability so it breaks after using it for a while. Also, there is dismemberment like Dead Space which looks pretty cool.

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"Early 2020 - Game got delayed internally.

yes it will be on PC at an undecided time after the PS4 release. Likely not for at least 12 months."

Take as much time as you need to make it a masterpiece.

I highly doubt we will see it on PC since it's made with Decima Engine and published by Sony.

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Ps5 game maybe?

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And who said I bought a PS4 Pro? I just replied to his statement, that's all.

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"The engine loads different resolutions each time you enter a room, so some rooms may not always be native 4k, and assets may be dynamically scaled to keep it easy on the hardware. "

Reading an article every once in a while wouldn't hurt btw :)

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This looks awesome. I just hope the gameplay is fun.

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