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In soviet russia, underside of toilet lick you

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BS ? no maybe i did't really say what i wanted to say at the time i was on a mobile browser. but you are talking double's all about appealing to the audience and advertising haveing solid gameplay and like killzone and resistance don't cut it,it's boring R3 is at least a bit of a step up but still,Killzone is boring its beautiful and gameplay is a tad bit better i liked the controlls from 2 better tho but this is all in my opinion not yours not bobs n...

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360 games are more appealing in some way to most new gamers Halo for example from the advertisements looks amazingly epic yet killzone looks cool but falls bland and PS3 fans we always brag about our exclusives even when they aren't that great i have been let down by some like Resistance to me it wanted to be like half life and it failed R2 left a bad taste..GT5 is so god damn boring even my friends say so we were all really hyped for it but it just fell mehh God of War is o...

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"Nah, Half Life 3 PS3 exclusive." LOL AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! oh man hahahaaahaahaaaaaa!!!! were you Born stupid XD LOL ROFL!!!!!... lol trolls

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same here i haven't played those game,at the time i was on vacation and funny story there was this guy who looked just like me and he was putting graffiti all over the place it was a HUGE mess and the moment i got there i was arrested and sent to jail and they made me go around and clean every place on the island until it was shining clean but that bastard who looked like me kept putting graffiti every were man he was pissing me off he kidnapped my girlfriend and i got even more pissed of...

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GT5 and Forza are two different games one is a sim the outher is arcade and my self i like arcade racing games better to me somethings too realistic lose the fun factor and get boring in the process so even tho i don't own a 360 i would be a forza player over gt5 and need for speed underground,Midnight Club LA over them both.

In shooters i prefer Battlefield over call of duty but i do play both i still feel battlefield is better and a little more realistic then cod but it...

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yeah it should of been called boringlands. very lame and boring story.

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whats wrong with white women now ? .you can always customize the charactor to look as you want.white devil white devil much ? lol it bugs me how some people have that aditude i don't look at a room full of "ethnic" women and go "Ughh man there not white ;/".come on man it's almost 2012 there's no need for that stealth racism grow are right some things never change people always find some thing to complain about -_- were are all people,1 race 1 species li...

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Blehh reality shows.

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thats right. Team rocket is

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Holy pedo bears batman..that picture is creepy.

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i don't know.. i would rather play doctor.

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i always liked the story to god of war but i thought the gameplay was boring and repetitive X_X the story made up for it in some ways but it was a pain to play and kratos being a total douchbag that he is did'nt make me want to play maybe if i had options like in infamouse with the whole good or evil kinda thing but gow3 is my favourite of the 3 but i don't see my self geting a 4th or a any more collection editions.

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WoW you never beat a mario game yet here you are talking the shit,you obviously don't know any thing about mario,zelda or nintendo why even comment..gtfo

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PSN also stands for poisn in pokemon :D.PEEEShit3 i can do that too you know if i want to pretend 'im 12 even tho I love my ps3,but you are just trolling.

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kind of reminds you of another type of fanboy dosen't it hell this site is full of them,they love to make excuses to justifi there system just like there doing now,any thing not made by _ _ _ _ = BAD! and every thing thats better or good we will pretend it's not because we love our _ _ _'s..pathetic really.

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what about getting trophies ?? or someone messing up you're KDR (not that i care but alot of people do)... this pass thing dosent sound that great whats the point in everyone in you're family having there own account then..this isn't good no matter how you defend this..even if you buy all you're games new why not help fellow gamers and go to Sony forums or send them twitter messages ect. supporting devs is great but at what cost! support them by buying new games but don't ...

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most likely tied to one account just like the outher passes which means now you're siblings are screwed if they want to go online.

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asap ? lol no,but right now it's time for nintendo to show us what they got and what hardcore games they have planed for the wii U it's really intresting will Sony and MS react much further can graphics go the jump wont be as big.

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"Nintendo is dead to the core and hardcore"

Did you even watch Nintendo's E3 press conference they are trying to bringing hard core tittles to the wii U,they want hardcore gamers to enjoy the wii U and i hope they succeed because I would go back to nintendo if they started giveing us hardcore games.i miss the N64 as well :(

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