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How is the design great the thing looks like ass

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Good thing they’ve done that for four generations already

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Why exactly just wondering?

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What was bad about it? They put out a great game that reviewed well and is a goty contender

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He didn’t sound like a Sony fanboy but you sure do sound like a Nintendo fanboy. Btw botw didn’t outsell tlou

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I thought I was pretty good getting my 70th plat today which was trine 4 but this is crazy

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Play the game maybe then your opinion might matter lol nah it never will

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Play the game or shut your mouth because fanboys and haters saying this exact bull thing is old and frankly annoying

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Sekiro story wasn’t even that good the gameplay and level design carries that game all day every day. Days gone def deserved the win it really did have a great story

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Maybe because days gone had a pretty great story and compared to its competition it was easily the best

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Lol comparing it to a Ubisoft game now I’ve seen it all when it comes to fanboys smh

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Yeah you can tell you haven’t played the game so please refrain from commenting on games you haven’t played you look like a fool

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What a trash article trying to say ND games don’t have gameplay lol that troll attempt died like ten years ago

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Wow another article who acts like Ms.Marvel is the second coming and is going to single handily save this avengers game that people just a few months ago were hating and I wonder why they think that hmmm.

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You do know he gets a hover board and a motorcycle right?

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Ok cool thanks for the recommendation I’ll look into it

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So excited for indivisible,concrete genie,trine 4 and the medievil remake

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Lol nobody moves like that in real life it wasn’t nowhere near realistic

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Wow what a shock a no name website puts out their review almost a month after a hit game has been out with a ridiculously low clickbait score smh

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