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How about Improve VRR support!? VRR down to at least 40fps or lower! Like 30fps or 20!

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F the Series S, get rid of that sh1t! Its just more work and a bottleneck for devs for this generation. Just focus on getting the best performance out of the two big dogs!

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"Xbox Series S: Is Its Lower Specifications Harming 9th Generation Console Development?"

Of course it is, and anyone who doesn't think so is either a fool or an fanboy idiot.

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Now how about 40hz VRR or lower?!

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Yeah except that still sucks! XsX doesnt have these problems and they are HDMI 2.1 spec'ed too. Add freesync Pro or whatever it takes cuz these limitations are lame, especially since these capabilities have been there since day one on the XsX. Their VRR can drop to 40hz and they have Freesync for 1440p. Lame, Sony is lame!

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How about fixing the framerate! you f-ing bums! But then again these are the guys you cant fix frame pacing for the life of them. And their games are overrated.

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You have to be some kind of big time fanboy to not see that the Xbox series S is completely and utter POS! Even the more powerful systems, are barely proving themselves. You people complain about the Jaguar CPU, yet these so called next gen systems can barely UE5 @1440 @30fps with their weak @$$ GPU's. That have to rely on image degrading solutions like upscaling and VRS. And most of these upscaled solutions suck and show just how weak they are in having to rely on them. The only good one...

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And once again, I disagree, I think the original XB1 looks better than the XB1X, XSX and XSS. The original Xbox while big looked fine for its time as did the 360. And the PS2 isn't exactly a good looking system with that bs grille design yet people seem to be fine with that, F the internet and their opinion!

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I disagree, I think the PS5 is better looking than the PS3, but the ugliest console BY FAR is the XSX! Its a sh!tty, cheap matte plastic looking box. I've seen dust bins with way more style than the XSX. And XSS isnt far behind. UGLY!

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"I cant tell what sort of improvements were made on the controllers though." Nobody can.

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Oh come on Sony, you knew damn well that everybody wanted VRR and 1440p in this update and you couldnt provides us with such simple things. YOU FAILED!

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I love how people talk about how great Game pass is when its $180 a yr (which is the one I'd be interested in) or $120 a yr for it with XBL (WHICH IT NEEDS!) was is not cheap!j. When I was averaging like $30 a yr for XBL. And I also dont like how the games are rotated out.

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Who do you tweet about problems with the OS? Cuz my external HDD stales and freezes and certain games and its been like that since the PS4, so their is something wrong with their throughput.

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And why do they get a extra game and we dont?

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Wow, xbox fanboys are always whining, eh? Maybe people dont agree with the statement that the SS is at all impressive. I for one think its a POS, and shouldnt exist. And no matter what they say, will hold back the gen. And 2.) am not impressed by this update. And I dont like this game, sorry but I dont enjoy playing someone crazy.

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That was a MS API system side thing where they trick the game through the refresh rate not a update/patch from Techland. sh!t, I wish Sony would do something like that. But Sony sucks at software, MS destroys them in that department.

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Next gen update, sh!t, I'd be a happy with just a frame rate unlock so we can get 60fps on PS5's back compat mode. I mean seriously how hard can that be. On a PC its literally like 'Y' or 'N' or a '1' or '2' on a line on a ini file. Come on Techland you can do it!

And to everyone saying not to waste the time on it cuz it would somehow effect DL2's development time. I call BS, it can literally be done in a matter of seconds. At wo...

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Im, with you two, mine's never leaves the dock either.

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I f-n love this game, its one of my favorites games of last gen and would love a PS port.

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I wish they would stop playing these stupid "stability and performance" games and just tell us exactly what the did. Always with the secrecy!

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