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Well, you can have Fallout 4.

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I love this game the way I loved Darksiders when it came out. It borrows heavily from AC, Batman and even a little Tomb Raider/Uncharted but puts it in one of the coolest universes ever and has it's own awesome features.

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Oh grow up, weapon decay is ridiculous anyway and class restricted weapons makes logical sense. You spend 20 years studying to be a mage you won't be heaving round a warhammer.

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But they won't see it through, if Molyneux doesn't get resounding critical acclaim for a game he's involved with then he slates the game and his staff and goes and tries something else. It's a vicious circle.

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I'll agree that the ten out ten notion is ridiculous, but then again I've believed for a long time now that numerical/letter based scoring for any game is redundant.

Ultimately any review is an opinion not just a list of technical achievements and if, in this reviewers opinion the game is perfect then that is worthy of being posed as a serious media piece. Perhaps not in a major publication but that's more a statement of skill and expe...

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Or, perhaps, they just really like the game.

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Other trailers have shown the ability to customize, I don't know of the top of my head if that extends to gender choices or not.

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As a more action focused shooter? Because the first contact war lasted about 2 days and there isn't alot to work with there

Maybe the Rachni war would be better?

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But who cares if video games are taken seriously by the whole world? I think the vast majority of 'modern art' is a load of rubbish that I could do myself if I had the inclination, but the artists don't care what I think because I'm not the intended audience and art aficionados don't care what I think because I show no interest.

The only people who really need to take games seriously are gamers as we're the ones who enjoy the medium, and seeing how we ...

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Well you may as well not put snipers in the game then, because if you aren't going to settle down in a corner and pick people off then you aren't using a sniper rifle properly.

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That isn't Trolling, those are just opinions that you could refute if you were inclined to try.

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I don't mind the titles, I'm just not gonna spend hundreds of pounds on a system for them. When there's a Destiny release date and Bethesda announces Fallout 4 then we'll see.

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The fact is that they added the mode in, if it´s lacklustre then that absolutely should be reflected in the score.

The tomb raider reboot got lower scores from some reviewers for tacked on multiplayer, so the reverse should be applicable.

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Seriously mate grow up.

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No it isn't mate. CoD will probably be hugely successful this year, as it is every year. FPS' in general aren't my favourite genre but I have to assume that CoD is so successful because the people playing it enjoy it.

Also, we get to anticipate, enjoy and play innovative new games every year so let's not act like all there is out there are soulless franchises.

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you mean your wife tries to rip out your throat if you get to close to her?

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Know what I'd like? An announcement.

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I like it when someone has the balls to give a reasonable critique of a popular game. However this article really is just nit picking.

Don't go out of your way to critique something, I mean if you have to stretch that far to write an article which is probably less than a thousand words then maybe it didn't need to be written in the first place.

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Yeah that's a sensible attitude mate, they have specifically told you how to enhance the performance of the game and you are going to purposefully ignore it.

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It's the unfortunate awkwardness that comes with a generation change. We're probably all gonna end up out of pocket at some point during the transition.

I'm probably gonna wait till mid 2014 to buy a new console just to avoid the initial overlap issues.

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