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So this is how they will counter the Hong Kong controversy. 🤭

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No the DLC has no single player content.
But guess what? It's great fun.
Go play the story again or play user made content get bored of the same questions.

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So with the increased lag since the last patch, I've pretty much stopped playing destiny.

Picked up Warframe. To be honest with you Destiny does not have enough content to be a successful traditional MMO. Everything is drip fed and it's hardly MMO with only 3 players in a campaign and 12 max in PvP. Sounds pretty basic, pretty standard.

So much loot in these other games you kind of forget Destiny has a loot based rewards system.

A cr...

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Yes I would the reason the level cap on Destiny is so low is because bungie have stated they want everyone to be powerful...

Compared to before they are throwing rewards left right and centre. Back in the day it was the vets with the best gear now they made them obselete and are pretty much handing that stuff out so the new guys are on an even playing field.

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I agree the game did a lot right and a lot wrong...Despite how rampant I have played it...there was no chance on earth it was a 9/10 rated game...

The reviews are correct still though, because they all seem to say at it's core Destiny is a fun shooter...And it is hence why I kept coming back. But the shortfalls mentioned were not biased they really were there. And they really were awful.

Back in the day we had no other options but to boringly farm for ma...

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I have put in far too many hours into the game had it since week to of it's release and loved it from then and even still now...But I agree it was judged correctly. Thing is the is no experience in the gaming community like Destiny. Now TTK has came out Destiny is even better still...It's amazing. My credentials.


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People like me find it hard to keep the money to the side...we pre order so we don't spend it and can actually get the game upon release lol

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Yes they are biased.
They should be review for what they are instead of in comparison to their favourite games. Some people don't like the reviewers preference

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can't wait!

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Destiny's Players verses player can be a lot of fun.
I've played over 4300 games with my Titan in the Crucible.

Problem is the exotic primary's are ruining the game. Along with the lag, ddosing, and lack of ranked playlist. And the ranged shot guns. I recently put down my ranged felwinters and boy do these weapons hit from far.

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This is obviously because the the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 cannot do online gaming.What do you mean Tony Hawks HD is online?

Well Activision, just make sure I have my split screen. If not I won't even consider a purchase on the PS4 when I get it in a couple of months.

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You raise some good points but how would you respond to some of those core fans, who feel that it may effect the story and fluidity of the game?

Yes Dragon Age is filled to the brim with content and exploration, but mass effect is known for it's extremely well story telling and maintaining some level of constancy from the transition of actual in game play to cutscenes vice-versa. Which creates a very rich experience for some.

Do you rea...

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Interesting what are you reasons for this?

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Bioware not a household name anymore

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Also Eve Online is ONE World One Server so PS4 players would have to play with PC Gamers and Sony doesn't want that.

Can you bring me a source for this information?

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So I'm guessing Rockstar can still do no wrong?

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For me this generation has been the best thus far currently only 22 i missed so much out of the previous generations, skipping cutscenes not understanding their purpose, then not understanding what suppose to be doing and just giving up, or just being young and not being able to save for memory cards etc Being able to relive some great PS1 & Ps2 Classic with better understanding to the gaming experience and having logic behind briefings and cutscenes rhen I had first time around and on to...

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Better specs on paper? it has better specs fullstop lol

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Don't know what the heck the author is thinking, I enjoy my PS3 alot and wanted one from day but couldn't afford one, I never remotely wanted an Xbox One but further Information revelation by microsoft further disgusted me now I am Chronically sick of MS and their XBOX's bar the Original

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Willing to bet the market growth will not be as big on the Xbox One due to how they handle games.

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