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microsoft screwed all of us over...FF13 should be making it way to the ps3 but now we got to wait even long for the game..iim just happy they goin to take full advantage of the ps3 hardware and finsih the game before releasin on the ps3..

also infamous is going to blow people mind away..the trailers looks fun..

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holy muther of jesuz...

i want now

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seriously i was getting worried about the ps3 version because of stupid microsoft wanting it on the 360

i hope square will announce time exclusive for the ps3 tommrow at sony conference

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I admit its a big exlcusive lost!! But knowing that PS3 fans will get the game first makes things better..I hope they fully use the ps3 hardware..I hate microsoft!!

Like i said before how many disks will the 360 version come out with?

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I dont know what sony is doing but tomrrow at e3 they better announce final fantasy 7 exclusive to the ps3..I hope final fantasy versus stay exclusive..

Oh yeah 360 version of final fantasy 13 will be on 3 to 4 disks just watch..

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wow so many postive ps3 articles!! everybody was callin it a failure and now they are on sony

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i want it!! Sony E3 is tomrrow there is a lot of new games to shown to us!!! Infamous is going to rock!!!

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Feel bad for early adopters they get screwed in the A$$ by Microsoft..

At least Sony come out with the true Elite sytem from the start and not start off the the gimped system like Microsoft..

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They are not getting rid of the arcade SKU.. i doubt their going to be future install on the 360..But if it does happen a lot of xbox fanboys will get owned because they always talk crap about the ps3 have mandatory installs..I don't think any games on the 360 is graphically good that will use the feature..

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Remember the 3 year warranty only covers the RROD so if you have any other problems with it your screwed..The only right move Microsoft did is release their console 1 year they release it at the same time as the ps3 sony will crush microsoft in sales..because right now the ps3 is doing better the 360 in its 1st and 2nd year..

i have my ps2 for over 8 years and it still works..i can take pictures of it too..

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Isn't Microsoft releasing a new SKU?? if so we probaly wont see the 20GB anymore..

if the xbox360 still dont sell microsot is goin to be in trouble

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yay...bioshock for the ps3 everybody must own the game

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I hope they annnounce at least one of those game at this e3..

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Microsoft coming out with new sku and their sales have come down dramatically everyone knows it..They need more games to keep selling the 360 .If they have have it this E3 its over for Microsoft this year and next..

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The only problem is that final fantasy 7 was on the Playstation brand..Its where all their loyal fanbase is at right now..Also their was a final fantasy tech demo on the ps3.. It is the most requested game that every wants to see on the PS3 and I am sure square will bring it..

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The only games that stands out the list is Gears of War 2 and that is all.I don't see any of the games you mention will have a big impact why people should buy the 360 this year..The price drop will sell the 360 but not to the extreme and if your lucky it won't RROD on you..

Microsoft is losing billions and billion of dollars on their next gen console..And like how Xbox fanboys act like its loose change, you guys don't understand the value of a dollar..The rich people stay wealth...

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They already remaking every single final fantasy game!! im sure final fantasy 7 will come out on the ps3 sooner then everyone expected..

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Gears of war 2 dont look that great ..The graphics is great but it look GOW1..

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This game is exclusive and a lot of xbox fanboys always look down on killzone 2 and got owned!!

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