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call of duty shouldn't be in the same sentences with naughty dog for any matter

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i'm speaking on behalf of first person only.. i want it to be 60fps on shooters. i enjoy infamous, watch dogs on 30fps.. don't get it twisted.

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cry bots cry, first the cloud, now d12.. what's next? don't worry i'll wait.

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i thought resolution didn't matter to you? lol. so it does matter that ps4 gets better results right? don't worry i'll wait.

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yup. not buying it unless it's 60fps.. felt like i was playing last gen. graphics were great but the feel was a bit odd now that i've moved on to next gen feel. dunno why ps4 cant just get 60fps.. screw x1.. leave them in the dust if they can't handle it.

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T and A in full 1080p..... YES!

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i want mp4 and mkv!

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yeah i'm not sold.. looks really repetitive and does it even have a story to it? looks like i'll be bored just like titanfail.

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lol if this was ps4 related then you bots would be all over this. so stfu.. pixels do matter =)

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lol delusional bots. if i buy a next gen console.. i want the damn thing to hit 1080p and 60fps!

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now the bots says okay for 30fps for a racing game since it's ok for forza h2 lol..

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cry bots cry.. and don't tell me you guys have ryse lmao

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gotta save some secrets for next game expos

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your blaming sony for your own internet connection issues? lol

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let me guess, you prefer minecraft and plants vs zombies right?

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sony showed great exclusives that had actual gameplay not CG bullshit or timed DLC.. lol

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yeah epic in CGI

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lol nothing but CGI trailers and Timed DLC.. yeah good job M$. Sony will show ALL gameplay trailers.. mark my words.

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sony will show all gameplay, mark my words. M$.. good job trying to milk the CGI trailers for the bots.

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