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I was one of the unlucky ones. Didn't even start up. But they are replacing it so that's cool. Just sucks.

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I figured such. I know people here like to throw around the word "greedy" but you can't expect Sony or Microsoft to offer their online services for free, there is a ton of money that goes into maintaining them. And Microsoft has proven people are willing to pay if they deem it to have value.

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Dude, that's about what I have. And I only see 3.7 to 4 MB/s. Not sure why, but what ever I still get games in less than 30 min.

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I have never seen my downloads even come close to matching my actual bandwidth

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I figured this would happen. After the PS4 announcement and all the features it will have, many being server intensive. I couldn't imagine having all that stuff for free. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they start charging me to play online. Such is life.

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Was it 8 gigs of ddr5 or was it ddr5 for the video card plus an additional 8 gigs of ram?

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I thought all 3 were a bit underwhelming. I was kind of excited for the WiiU but after seeing it i just can't get into it. But that may change, Microsoft's and Sony's were what I thought they would be. I did like the price for Sony's new handheld.

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@ DWeezy91


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I always thought we were known for buying outside of our means... why would a game console be any different?

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at this point does it really matter? nevermind a year from now. Nither Sony nor Microsoft will pull out of the industry if the other "wins".

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So my wife and I are not a family? hmm... I will let her know.

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I only have 3 friends...

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Self fulfilling prophecy...

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I think that may actually be the reason. they want to generate buzz, have people look it up see its $149, and then come out and anounce a price below that.

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If sony gave $5 PSN credit every month that would work out to $60 a year, your paying $50. I think the purpose is to make money.

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I don't like the fact that you lose the content if the subscription ends, does this also apply to Multiplayer maps? because that would suck. And yet again no mention of Xgame chat... it would be nice to have.

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I think a lot of the Hype is from Disney they have tons invested into broadcasting the games.

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With the features they mentioned in the article I really can't see myself spending $10 a month, hopefully sony adds more features at E3, which I think they will.

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I beleive if your apart of the WTO, your not suppose to mess with the value of your currency but allow the market forces to determine the price.

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