And that's how I, Bender Bending Rodriguez, saved earth and am the greatest!


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That sucks pixel! Don't mind the trolls with nothing better to do

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And Power Stone!

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Yeah I really liked the service too. It has a smooth interface, great stream quality and I also loved how it can share your rating on facebook. It has a much better and more current selection than Netflix too. I only wish that they had an option to pay like $10 or $15 a month for unlimited streaming. I am really happy with my Netflix subscription tho

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I noticed that too. Haha

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Downloading the beta right now!!!

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MS is putting all of it's 2011 eggs in the kinect basket but one... Gears 3.

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2011.. enough said

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Yeah during 2011 if you don't own a PS3 you will be missing out on the world of gaming

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As an American who prefers the PS3, I find your comment offensive.

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Prehistoric Moves!!

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Very similar to what Uncharted 3 is doing with the UC2 engine, or Killzone 3 is doing with the KZ2 engine

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I was exploding with excitement when I got my code only to be totally crushed with disappointment when it didn't work.. I really hope this gets resolved because LBP2 is my most anticipated game for the entire year. That says a lot too because between PS3 and 360 2011 is going to be an epic year of gaming.

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I agree. HR is my GOTY followed by RDR and GOW3

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Gears was not the first shooter with co op first off and gears is a third person shooter ;P

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you would be a fool not to think that the PS3 line up is better.

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RB and GH have what's called, split second precision. It is what makes the game playable and difficult.

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Yeah I am really wondering about this Playstation phone.. What kind of games will it play? Because I have the HTC EVO with PSone emulator and I play tons of PSone games that work with no problems.

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Seems like you are trolling.

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I want to see some more gaming on my android phone

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good thing I would take LBP over any of that other crap any day.

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