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The fact that Nintendo is "relevant" again is good for the industry. That means Sony can't sit on their laurels and think it's sweet. I don't know what the XB1X is gonna do. I don't see any reason to buy that thing. If you want high-end gaming, get a PC. If Microsoft unveiled a ton of PERMANENT exclusives showing a noticeable graphical-upgrade over the PS4 Pro, then I could see a reason for it.

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When you are starving and someone throws you a cracker, you are going to think that is the greatest and most delicious thing you've every eaten in your life.

However if you have the same cracker everyday eventually you are going to realize that you just have some regular old crackers.

Nintendo fans took such a catastrophically-massive L at the hands of the Wii U and got trolled so hard by the community, that now because the Switch actually is decent t...

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Tell that to the Nintendo fans that claim Doom looks just as good on the Switch as the PS4. It's funny how Nintendo fans want to dispel any notion of the Switch being under-powered by using the fact that it 'can' run certain games, but when people see how those games actually look, then it becomes (graphics don't matter, it's about the portability.)

It is good that The Switch is getting some 3rd-party love, but Nintendo fans are getting WAAAAAAAAAAY t...

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So basically through that whole barrage of techno-babble the PS4 Pro is using a customized RX 460 GPU. You're welcome. Would explain why they could keep it priced at $399. Keeping the 4K Blu-Ray player out probably helped too.

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Generations are not determined by power level or specs. They are the next product in a particular product line. Project Scorpio is not a mid-gen upgrade. The XBOX One S is a mid-gen upgrade because it is a revised-version of the same model.

The Nintendo NX is not a mid-gen upgrade to the Wii U. It is a completely different machine or (machines) and is a next-gen (9th-gen) console regardless of how powerful it is or is not. Heck, the NX might not even be a home console ...

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Hey, it's enough to buy a game!!

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Reggie also said that the Wii U would appeal to the core gamer and have strong third party support................

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So much this^^

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I stand corrected. He did not say it was confirmed to come out this year. Still doesn't change my point though. If PS Neo is coming out this year it's still too late to change anything significantly.

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No. If Sony is releasing PS Neo this year (which Andrew House says) it is too late in the game to make any changes to the system. The Holiday season is only 4 and 1/2 months away. You need time for mass manufacturing plus getting product into retailers. Whatever PS Neo is, that's what it is going to be. Sony will have to answer with the PS5.

I think Project Scorpio is Microsoft's next-gen console anyway so it would only make sense to answer with a PS5 far mor...

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"Trying please everybody usually means you end up pleasing no one."

So much this^^^^

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We don't now how much the Zen CPU will cost, but I cannot imagine it being much more expensive than the Polaris GPU cards. We already know that the Polaris GPU which mostly likely to be used (Polaris 10) will retail between $199 ans $229 depending on if it has 4 or 8 GB of GDDR5 memory. So buying that card in bulk will be extremely INEXPENSIVE for Microsoft or whoever else is using that card in their console.

The point is, Scorpio can easily still retail for $399.99 a...

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O_o...........They are both coming out at the SAME TIME.......

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They said in the stream that they withheld any access to towns and such because they did not want to spoil the game. What was shown was literally 1% of the entire map.

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Sega released 6 consoles between 1989 and 1998. 5 of which came within a 5-year time frame. What Microsoft is doing in no way, shape, or form the same situation.

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I think it is more telling in terms of the timing and release of NX. I don't think we have to worry about it not hitting the March 2017 mark, but who knows?

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It's very easy to be a prisoner of the moment and let your emotions dictate your opinion on certain matters. I've had a few hours to calm down and to look back at the conferences retrospectively. That conference from Sony was one of the best conference I've EVER SEEN. The pacing was perfect, the content was heavy, unlike last year where there was a lot of hype but very little substance, this year there was plenty of hype and plenty of substance to go with it. They pulled off m...

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Well....the beginning and end are definitely worth watching, but the middle has a lot of parts left to be desired. I can't believe they wasted time talking about Battlefield 1 when they showed footage that we LITERALLY just seen yesterday at EA's presser. That could have been time allocated to Crackdown 3 which I guess isn't ready to be shown yet.

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Sony has a history of giving Microsoft enough rope to hang themselves. It will be interesting to see if Sony trolled Microsoft into thinking that the leaked specs were true and then come back with the Neo having a more powerful set up. I guess we'll see. It's interesting that Microsoft did not state what type of CPU was in Scorpio or talk about it at all outside of mentioning it is a 8-core processor which doesn't really tell you anything definative.

For all ...

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It started out great, then got really stale, and got interesting again at the end. A very hi-lo type event. Averages out to a C+ for me. Maybe a B- for the simple fact that Microsoft had the "testicular fortitude" to stand out there and say that Project Scorpio WILL be THE most powerful console EVER. That's real ballsy, and I like it.

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