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but.. the power of the cloud

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Really the 4k market is there. I have two my friends have them. My cousin has them you can get one for about 600 now so I don't know where he is getting his info. And people are going to be upgrading now that 4k Bluejays are hitting the market

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nintendo gave the crowd the middle finger with friend codes

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Fanboys makes no sense to hate on a more powerful system that plays the same games just crisper.

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Sad why people dony want ms to have upgrade to their system when they may not evennhave anothet system. Silly xbots

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not sure why everyone thinks an better system is a bad idea. all the old games still are playable and it doesnt split the markets with games. imo

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i welcome it, i know that if i can get a 4k blu ray player in my ps4 im happy rather than buying another blu ray player

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where do these authors come from

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how do people disagree with this statement....fanboys

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Agreed bruce, sony dominated with plus before. No as the leader I don't even look to plus but like every months so I can see how they aren't putting out AAA games on plus cause they don't need to.

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This doesn't make sense with move being used for PlayStation vr

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100% i havent been too happy with ps4 games with gold but the ps3 just went crayz with games for a few years

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really, have you not been paying attention to playstation plus. games also com eto games with gold later than on plus. like ground zeros for example .I will give Ms credit that they have stepped it up, since the followed sony and introduced gold. but seriously lets not get into a fanboy arguement here. its pretty simple fact that sony has offered way more value in plus since it was started. THEY HAD TOO, PS3 DIDNT HAVE CROSS GAME CHAT. so to deny that is kinda crazy to even argue against it ...

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your right, I dont see Ms making another console. you can see from this article their fans will follow them wether it makes sense or not

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Seriously every time i read or hear someone say ive always been a xbox gamers but the ps4 is a better console and offers this this and this. i cringe if that is the case then buy a ps4 seriously. but then will claim people are fanboys. it makes no sense. I cant even take those people serious. " I went to pc this gen and i would have chossen the xbox over the ps4 cause i was an xbox gamer". like xbox could shit in a box and put it out and your just going to buy it. makes no sense w...

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lmao so after years of dominating games with gold xbox has a month where they are actually doing something good and now sonyneeds to step their game up. ok...... am i the only person confused

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price is all that matters. honestly I think they can push it out at 600 the strong supporters or tech nerd will buy it. it just
cant separate the market

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people are disagreeing with you xikurap even game stop give you more money than that.

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The commentator, your way off base with that. the Wii u controller has way more features taht any of the three. the ps4 controller has way more tech than MS controller as well. also you say micro-transaction are optional, well when gamers buy games that they like they usually want the most out of the game. some games should have microtransactions not every game. also you said they fired peter molyneux which was for more money also ms doesn't need more money for games. cause they invested ...

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