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Epic Games Store - no they said a new place to play. You don’t play on the store, you play on pc.
PlayStation - they were rumors .... but no high hopes.
Switch - Microsoft has a relationship with Nintendo but I don’t see it being a pleasant experience on switch.

Tesla. - Witcher 3 is on it or coming to Tesla so, yeah maybe.
Mac/iOS - most likely and makes sense to have it running on at least on Mac.

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I disagree. Its a true instants of "Fake News". The title is completely misleading.

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This is not to cause any arguments or fan any fires but....

Playstation delayed The Last of Us Part 2 for subject matter. Its not the only reason, sure, but one of the reasons.

They now allegedly feel giving away/promoting an older game with similar subject matter (Dying Light) is okay?

Either they are testing the waters on the subject matter or departments at Sony are not communicating properly with one another.

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I apologies in advance for my ignorance of what is going on. But, can someone explain to me why or how do game companies have the right to stop you from playing on the Geforce now service?

Like isn't it just like renting a box from a local PC store, signing in and playing your games you bought? How can they dictate where you play your games? As far as I can tell you never agree that the games you bought has to be played on a machine you personally own out right. Hell I ...

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I will state that I have never used the geforce now service but this is such an extremely interesting case.

I wonder how they are doing this legally?....I might need to read through some TOS agreements.

I think some people are justified for being upset but others are not really thinking about what is going on and are upset for the wrong reasons.

If you boil it down to the simplest logic arguments I have read; they are stopping you fr...

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This article is just pointless...

I respect people's right to an opinion but you cannot tell content makers what they can and cannot make and where they can or cannot put it. (I'll address the hypocritical notion of that statement in a moment.)

What I am saying is, if someone painted an amazing portrait on canvas you cannot say...oh you should of done a sculpture instead. Who are you to tell someone what they can and cannot do with what they are...

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I have to side with Fish here. He spent so much time and heartache to make his game and everyone is attacking him. When a member of the media starts doing it too it makes it 1,000,000X worst. The media personal has a fan base which regurgitates what they say. It might of been a funny joke but despite that, it was totally insensitive.

To all the people that hate Fish or Blow, trying making a game yourself before criticizing the person. It takes a lot to make a game.

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I have to admit...after hearing this...I am getting an Xbox One.

I am a software engineer and I think it is a cool especially for indie devs. I would say I am a little skeptic and worried it might be a press move or fallacy. Also the Sony no longer supporting OtherOS comes to mind...only difference people might actually use this for homebrew games.

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I say 4,250,000 people have downloaded it from that 17 million downloads number.

Take into account people have more than one device. That cuts the number by half.

Then take into account people that delete the app and redownload it again. I have done this when i first downloaded it. I didnt see the point in it all at first but then being able to control my xbox with my phone was cool so i downloaded it again.

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okay i have a few bones about this that makes me angry.

one, yes it will cost $600 to make that rig but what about all the additional hardware the ps4 has for remote play, streaming, and downloading?

two, ps4 is fine tuned for gaming. from the OS to the hardware. there is no bulk that traditional PCs have. so when you play a game you will get the most out of it for the money. you have to buy next gen PC arch to get the power of the ps4.


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You know using a different ISA does not make a game easier to make right?

Most games are written in C++ not pure assembly. It is up to the compiler to translate the C++ to assembly then machine code. You can do almost everything you can do in x86 processor as you can with a PowerPC core ISA.

PS. This is not a x86 world. I strongly believe everyone has more ARM products that x86 around their homes.

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i really dont see it, yes reacting and using the environment isnt used all that often but it is not extraordinary. raycasting is used so often in games, i do not see why this is headlining?

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WAIT??? You are telling me the secret is RAYCASTING?? OMG the same technique used for aim assist, bullet collision, and generally finding where shit is in a scene is being used to find where shit is in a scene??? mind boggling!!

I hate to be a dick but this is not...well news.

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okay everyone calm down, a_bro is right for saying it is well more than enough ram.

please remember that the reason PC's need a lot of memory is because people have other applications running in the background on the computer.

so if a game asks users to have about 2gbs of ram you then have to subtract 1.5 gbs that windows takes up (this varies from person to person) so you need about 0.5-1 gb of memory.

then also think about that these ...

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okay..I know its a serious issue, but with everyone all crazy with this, how do we know if people are really affected by fraud or are trying to "fake" it to get free purchases?

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Who ever posted this WTF!

Who cares?

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pirating bad.

But can i use a DSi action replay?

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it looks amazing! I regret everything i ever said about crytek when the demo came out.

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thanks for posting this!!!!

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I dont think i can believe Crytek. Why would they release the beta then? They knew everyone would comment on the beta. I highly doubt there would be a miraculous turn around on the PS3 version so close to launch. If the ps3 version is on par with the 360..I do not see why they didnt rebuild the beta to look as such?

To those who say it would take to long of a process to do..that's bullshit. By copying over the new engine code would not take that much time. The only thing ...

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