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Everything GTAIV should've been


My kind of setting


More interesting characters


Moral decisions that affects story in a better way than before


Red Dead Redemption (meaning my wallet just took another beating for 2010)

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It's obviously Two-face... look at the burnt suit on the right side and the hat aswell. Then notice the "redish" hand and weapon. Has always been Two-face's theme and that's him, no doubt about that.

This will be EPIC!

Gotham City + Joker + Two-face + "all other unannounced villains" + great story like Arkham Asylum = 2010 GOTY contender again!

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Microsoft have milked Halo til the point where hardcore fans are getting tired... Why they don't ditch that and fully support ME2 (marketing and future game plans) is beyond me.

This game looks way more interesting than Halo(all of them combined) ever did.

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Oke, that got me really hyped.

Two-face one of my favortie villains of all time.

Why does the site direct me to gametrailers? There is nothing there... Video supposed to pop up there?

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Great to see Uncharted 2 receive what it deserves, title for best game of the year.

But the VGA's was boring as hell, all the hype for what?

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They did a great job with AA, so yeah... They deserved it.

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If by "It has finally been decided!", they mean Yakuza 4 release in EU/US aswell then i'm all for it.

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I don't get what the problem is though... it was fine before the update. Do they mess up the coding or something when releasing updates?

It's really pissing me off that everytime i turn off or recharge one of the controllers the lights wont stop flashing. Either i have to turn off the system (sometimes the flashing will make the system reboot on it's own) or i have to plug it into the USB again.


"To answer everyone’s questions, as stated in t...

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Thank GOD!
I thought i was the only one experiencing this, now there is a bigger chance they'll look into it.

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The Translator!
Hahaha, that dude is epic.

Pretty mindblowing that videogames can help professional drivers master these tracks. GT5 is one of my most wanted 2010 titles. Yamauchi and PD FTW!

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Playstation gave him the tools to become this big so yeah, ofcourse he cares about PS.

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One of the most tactical games also!

Those working at DICE are nothing short of geniouses.

Beta to me was better than entire MW2 online, and it's only a f****ng beta.

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...first day purchase!

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2009 my wallet suffered from some bruises.

2010 my wallet will get R A P E D.

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oh, i see.

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Have they changed the day when store gets updated?

..or am i wrong thinking that we usually get them Thursdays?

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Tekken gameplay has been destroyed, the old fun figthing system of Tekken series has been replaced by overexagurated fighters that are nothing but christmas gift for button mashers. Especially in online where one can't even begin to block before a Lili throws you up the air with the button mashing combo.

What happened to fighters with tactical and technical strategies to their combos?

All of a sudden gamers are leaning more towards finding a way to button mash their...

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I was at first pretty certain about Uncharted 2 getting the Game of the Generation award, but i gotta say... Assassins Creed 2 totally blew my mind away. Everything the first game lacked this game adds and even more so with the awesome puzzles and depth given to hardcore gamers. If you take your time with this game, you'll be treated like a king with content that is unmatched.

The only negative things i can say is that the freerun has been somewhat altered and it's much harder to...

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If any of you guys have friends over, i can fully recommend Bomerman Ultra. It's the most fun i've ever had playing a downloadable mini game on PSN.

It's addddddddicting as helll!

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They should release these excellent ads in EU aswell, the ones we got over here makes me ZZZ.

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