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oh, we'll hear it a lot alright, as in;

"Why the fu#% aren't any of these games 1080p @60 frames"


welcome to "next gen"

circa 2004

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wrong, Nintendo ds came out in 2004, ps2 2001, same gen

ps3 was not out till 2006 along with wii

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if there was a castlevania and Metroid side scroller in 1080p that played like Metroid fusion and castlevania symphony of the night I would buy a wii u right now today!

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there is going to be tons of these things left around

don't kid yourself

ps4/xbox1 will never sell what ps3/360 did

you already witnessed the peak of console sales, it was called the ps2 and Nintendo ds and it will NOT happen again

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neckbeards ftw!

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I cannot justify either console right now at their price points

it would be a huge downgrade from my current pc that is almost 3 years old now

if I was going to spend $400-$500 on a gaming system and then pay to play online and pay $65 a game the machine would at least need to be kind of close to my almost 3 year old pc

but, I can get $3 games, humble bundles, free mods, backward compat going back to 1980 and a library of 40,000 games and visuals that...

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both have WAY too many jaggies!

was hoping next gen consoles would finally get AA right

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next gen consoles are maxed day one

bf4 is choking them both and that is only on medium settings in sub-1080p

its going to be a very looooonnnnnggg 8 years of hearing all the console fans saying graphics don't matter, its all about gameplay

and then ripping each other apart over practically non-existent differences between the ps4 and xbox1 versions of games while acting like the gigantic difference between the pc version is not that big

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the difference is less about resolution, and more about the crappy lack of anti aliasing and the fact that for 8 more freaking years ps4 and xbox1 games will still be covered in awful jaggies and have crappy low res textures

the cpu in both is abysmal and the gpus are trashy laptop parts

what would you expect?

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looks last gen

sad that ps4 games still have jaggies everywhere, even crappy looking ones like this

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looks current gen

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the ps4 cannot run bf4 in 1080p, its in 900p at medium and low settings

what is so hard for you to understand that this tablet is more powerful than the ps4??

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cool.....dem new next gen powerhouse sure run those crappy looking indy games at high resolutions

well....high resolutions for 2005....I mean....1080p was considered high back

go consoles?

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lol....ps4 already outdone by a tablet...before it even releases....and the xbox1 is more weak than the ps4....ouch

gonna be a looooonnnnnggg generation for console only gamers

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unless you game on pc.....

in which case you'll likely respond with "meh"
and "looks good for 2009"

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this game runs on a 4 year old pc with a cheap $80 card

so the fact it runs in 1080p maxed says nothing

the fact that it only runs bf4 in 900p at low and medium settings tells how weak it is, since a 3 year old, mid spec pc maxes that

basically, the ps4 is on par with a 4 year old, mid spec pc

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I might add, as a start into building and buying pc's and their components, you could buy a pc from a place like best buy, say one like this;

really cheap....then put a $120 gpu in it like this;

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once the dust settles BOTH ps4 and xbox1 versions of bf4 will look like CRAP compared to the pc version

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amd should stick to making chips for underpowered consoles that cannot even run bf4 in 1080p at lowly medium settings

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