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Don't know why it comes close to the end of the cycle every time

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Hope it brings back the feel

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Priorities for MS could be pushing as many out, can't blame them, the competition is tough.

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Truth be told, if these game companies went with their real plans and launch dates, it'll be a better story, Microsoft is rushing many of these studios to a mandate they aren't normally gonna push, they've lost their freedom, they are just following orders now.

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I Hope this gets better, tired of the hikes, still looking to cop a PS5.

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That's just Money talking... if Microsoft influences creative directions with COD, then it just might go the Halo route, which isn't any good anymore after BUNGIE left.

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Still nothing from GUERRILLA GAMES?

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at least Insomniacs are announcing new IPs

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This is the best news coming from playstation this year, please let us have The Japanese heads back, they seem to be better at this.

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Not bad...

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